8 tools to improve design accessibility

8 tools to improve design accessibility
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Design everything on the assumption that people are not heartless or stupid but marvelously capable, given the chance. But don’t forget about people living with a disability or the need for an accessible internet. Today are sharing a list of eight tools that will help you in your accessible web design process.

So, here what we’ve got here:

  1. Explain the value of design to clients, find leaders in the inclusive design community.
  2. Offer color accessible design, look for resources that have a color-accessible design.
  3. Write code for repositories for accessible design, as well as tips for its quick explanations and implementations.
  4. Think of creating accessibility in the stage of thinking about how to design the whole process.
  5. Check interface contrast for accessibility standards.
  6. Use automated accessibility testing and diagnosis.
  7. Check accessibility needs during the whole design process, development stage and test.
  8. Check intranet sites and browser, giving you privacy and functionality together.

Do you want to know about all these tools more? Please read here.

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