Atom for UX tasks

Atom for UX tasks
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Do you remember our article about Vim text editor? Well, you know how many of them available for your convenience. And you empowered to choose any. But some of them might be good for particular purposes better than the rest. This time we would like to tell you more about Atom text editor and how you can use Atom for UX tasks. 

If you are UX designer and you used to work with different task managers or just organize your workflow with Evernote and Google Docs, you need to meet Atom. Of course, it’s you to decide what’s better for you and how you can reach the maximum efficiency. But why not to take the other person’s experience into account and try something new? John Manhart says that his UX workload was overwhelming until he discovered the power of Atom. Atom with its packages lets you write and manage all your UX documentation easily using Markdown. We suggest you take a look on his case along with us.

Before discovering Atom he already knew that developer/package community is supporting Atom very expansively. So he did a small research about Atom features and setup and jumped into Markdown and Atom train. Markdown is a lightweight language with plain text formatting. (More information about Markdown can be found on GitHub).

So what should you do?

  1. Install Atom (it’s free and awesome)
  2. Get important packages:
    Markdown Preview Plus — This is an essential package for viewing Markdown within Atom
    Markdown to PDF — Convert any Markdown file to a PDF. A PDF will save in the same directory as your .MD file (.MD is the Markdown file extension)
    Spell Check — Helps clean up not only your own work but those of your coworkers, as well
  3. Use keyboard shortcuts to raise your productivity
  4. Time saved and the workload is not chaotic anymore. Profit!

There are many neat possibilities for you to explore. So if you’re looking for a safe, free and stable manner to manage your notes, and you like to learn new skills, try Atom.

In our last weekly digest #21, we wrote about new Atom release – Atom-IDE.

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