The beginners’ guide to Information Architecture

The beginners’ guide to Information Architecture
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From our experience, Syndicode can tell you that design is an utmost important part of any web or mobile app’ success. You can have the best, the fastest app with as many neat features as needed, but if you will not provide the appealing and clear, easy-to-navigate design, nobody will use it. You can learn where and how to place your information with the help of Information Architecture. And here is the beginners’ guide to Information Architecture.

Creation of site maps, hierarchies, categorizations, navigation, and metadata depend on the questions we ask when doing information architecture. So, you should be familiar with the topic and understand what the IA (Information Architecture) is.

What you should know about IA:

  1. What is Information Architecture?
  2. Common Methodologies
  3. Daily Tasks
  4. People to Follow
  5. Tools of the Trade
  6. Conferences and Associations
  7. IA Books

This is the table of contents for Complete Beginner’s Guide to Information Architecture you can explore in details.

Also, we advise you reading our material about useful resources for designers.

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