Common mistakes in Agile development

Common mistakes in Agile development
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Among software development methodologies Agile is the most famous because you can bring valuable products to market quicker through user validation. And now it’s time to tell you more about common mistakes in Agile development that product teams are making while adopting Agile. These can be not small issues, so it’s important to pay attention to them.

The adoption of Agile is becoming now a mainstream. The only thing that can slow down the whole work process can be mistakes that product team sometimes make. The most important are:

  • Focusing on velocity, with almost a disregard for quality
  • Only building, and forgetting about the measure and learn principles

The reason that Agile is effective is not simply because it allows you to build faster, its because it allows you to build faster by validating, learning, and pivoting faster. The way to validate and learn is by getting in front of customers. The longer a team goes without validating (ie. talking to customers), the higher the risk of building features that do not actually add value to the customer experience. One more thing is that you should remember the rule: “Don’t move fast and break things”, so focus of the quality of the whole product in long-term perspective.

The main tactics that will help you to solve the common mistakes in Agile development are:

  • slow down to speed up
  • finding the balance that will work for your team

So, our recommendation is to not use Agile together just because everyone is using it. If you are a newer product, Agile will likely be your best approach. Just make sure you measure and learn as rapidly as you build. Then, it would be easy to avoid common mistakes in Agile development.

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