Do you use these 5 Ruby methods?

Do you use these 5 Ruby methods?
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As Ruby on Rails agency, Syndicode knows many Ruby tips and tricks that are not obvious. But at the same time, there are existing basics many of us forget about. And those basics do really empower the process of development. Today we’ll tell you about what has made Ruby so popular choice for modern web development. Do you use these 5 Ruby methods? 

These are 5 Ruby methods that solve specific types of problems very well:

  1. Object#tap
  2. Array#bsearch
  3. Enumerable#flat_map
  4. with a Block
  5. <=>

Find the code examples and the description for each method here.

It’s much easier to write expressive code when you know additional methods!

You can find other useful materials about Ruby on our blog.

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