Eyetato is an ML prediction of where users will look

Eyetato is an ML prediction of where users will look
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The new era of design has come! UX design is dynamic and constantly changing over time due to the changing usage circumstances and usage context in which they can be found. Machine learning brings new opportunities to the development of the UI. Let’s take one of the newly arrived tools. Eyetato is an ML prediction of where users will look.

Eyetato uses machine learning to know where your users will look. It was trained by real eye tracking test and it’s impressive.

More of the features you could like to use:

  •  Eyetato can help you in getting your expertise while working on your presentations
  • The program makes the eye tracking prediction directly on your computer, not to the servers.
  • You can drag the window over your designs in Sketch, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects and try for a real time check within one second.
  • Your device can be connected directly to your Mac, so you can see the display with overlaid eye tracking predictions in real time.

You can explore how it work by yourself, all you need is to go here.

Also, there are predicted ways AI will influence design.

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