Font styles recognizing

Font styles recognizing
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When it comes to typography, every detail matters. Usually, this remains invisible to the people, but the process of designing a typeface is a difficult job for the designers. This is a matter of professionalism, especially for UI/UX design agency. To see the difference between font styles, we need to learn these details. For that purpose, we need to understand font styles recognizing.

If you know the story behind different styles, you can define which one works perfectly for you. Let’s look at the most popular styles:

    The style was invented in the 15th century and was a move from the blackletter style by Johannes Gutenberg

    It was born in France in the 18th century, created by an Englishman John Baskerville, became popular in the United States.

    It also appeared in France, in the 18th century, and was designed by Firmin Didot for the first time.

  • SLAB
    It came with the industrial revolution of the 19th century, in Britain. It was the first style that was used for advertising.

    It appeared in the 19th century. It was very similar to SLAB but looked “softer” and nicer.

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