Gluegun toolkit for Node-based CLIs

Gluegun toolkit for Node-based CLIs
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Node.js is developing extremely fast! But we are fast too. And we always try to be the first to tell you something new. If you need to build a CLI app and want to make it as quick as possible, this toolkit is what you need. Gluegun toolkit for Node-based CLIs. Please welcome!

Gluegun is a toolkit for building Node command-line interfaces (CLIs) in TypeScript or modern JavaScript. You might want to use it if:

  1. You need to build a CLI app
  2. You want to have powerful tools in quick access
  3. You don’t want to give up flexibility

It supports for:

  • parameters – command line arguments and options
  • template – generating files from templates
  • patching – manipulating file contents
  • filesystem – moving files and directories around
  • system – executing other command-line scripts
  • http – interacting with API servers
  • prompt – auto-complete prompts
  • print – printing pretty colors and tables
  • semver – working with semantic versioning
  • strings – manipulating strings & template data

gluegun supports expanding CLI’s ecosystem with a robust set of easy-to-write plugins and extensions.

You should see your new CLI help. Open the folder in your favorite editor and start building your CLI! Please welcome it here.

We are excited about new releases and Syndicode was extremely happy to announce Node.js 12. Read more on our blog.

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