How MVP is different from a prototype

How MVP is different from a prototype
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When you’re about to create a minimum viable product for bringing your application to users as fast as possible, do you understand that a simple landing page wouldn’t be enough to get their feedback? Well, in this article we’d like to show you that an MVP is not a primitive product created in a hurry. After publishing our MVP development guide, Syndicode is here to explain to you how MVP is different from a prototype. 

While prototyping means creating an incomplete version, a minimum viable product is the smallest, most concise version of your product you can initially release for feedback. You can actually use it and discover the ways how you want to accomplish it. Let’s consider how MVP is different from a prototype in details.

An MVP is different from the prototype in the next ways:

  • An MVP is a product
    This means it must be something that customers can use. So all the landing pages, mockups, prototypes, smoke tests, etc., are not the forms of MVPs. They are not products. The minimum viable product is an attempt — an experiment — to deliver real value to the customer.
  • An MVP is viable
    This means it must try to tangibly solve real world and urgent problems faced by your target customers. An MVP must attempt to deliver value. It’s not about figuring out the smallest collection of features but about making sure we’ve understood our customers’ top problems, and figuring out how to deliver a solution. In a way, customers are willing to “pay” for (depending on your business model, of course). MVP is about validated learning.
  • An MVP is the minimum version of your product vision
    It might be not scalable enough, but from the user experience, you will define what is the most important for users. You should focus on delivering top problems at first and put everything else on the backlog for the time being. Use MVP to prove or disprove your hypotheses.

Last time we showed you 7 considerable points, why do you need an MVP. Today we pulled off the curtains on the question about differences between an MVP and a prototype. Stay tuned! Next time we’ll tell you about 7 famous services started from MVP.

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