Introduction to GraphQL with Elixir and Phoenix

Introduction to GraphQL with Elixir and Phoenix
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As we became fans of functional programming we’d like to share with you any piece of interesting information related to this field. Elixir and Phoenix are absolutely fantastic for building extremely high performance, low maintenance systems, and GraphQL’s ability to fetch huge sets of data in varied ways makes Elixir a particularly great symbiotic fit. Today we will show you an ‘Introduction to GraphQL with Elixir and Phoenix’ created by Brandon Richey.

Despite there are some issues you might face while working with GraphQL, this data query also has a lot of benefits! The most important of them are:

  1. GraphQL APIs have a strongly typed schema
  2. No overfetching and underfetching
  3. GraphQL enables rapid product development
  4. Schema stitching allows composing GraphQL API
  5. Rich open source ecosystem

and more…

That is particularly why creating a GraphQL application using Elixir and Phoenix will result in a great product that supports querying for schema information. That means that your users can do more to figure out the shape of the data and what they can do with it, which is incredibly helpful for both the client and the server.

In this guide, you will repeat the steps of creating GraphQL applications and understand a bit more about GraphQL, its terminology and how it all fits together.

Follow the link to see the full ‘Introduction to GraphQL with Elixir and Phoenix’ guide!

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