Introduction to Prepack

Introduction to Prepack
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Prepack was created to make your JavaScript code run faster. This is a tool that recompiles your JavaScript code to a better, faster code. Today we prepared for you a brief introduction to Prepack! 

If you feel like the information presented on the official Prepack site is not enough, read ‘A Gentle Introduction to Prepack‘ prepared by Dan Abramov.

Introduction to Prepack. What’s interesting?

Prepack is a tool that aims to compile JavaScript to equivalent JavaScript code. But unlike Babel or Uglify, Prepack isn’t focused on new features or code size. Instead, Prepack lets you write normal JavaScript code, and outputs equivalent JavaScript code that runs faster!

Prepack can solve many problems that you encounter while building large JavaScript apps. Also, according to Abramov’s words, Prepack can enrich your understanding of the JavaScript code. But, note, that Prepack is not ready for mainstream adoption yet, it is currently focused on a very narrow set of scenarios. And it might have more bugs than most people would be comfortable with in production.

In the article we mentioned above you will find Prepack fundamentals and the principles of its work. You will find out about Serializer mission and why we put values onto globals, and why Prepack optimizes only initialization path of code (that executes immediately).

And many other interesting moments that will be covered in the next part of ‘A Gentle Introduction to Prepack’. Go to the original article we linked in the beginning to explore the details.

p.s. We mentioned Prepack for the first time this winter in our weekly JS digest.

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