Large scale React.js applications development

Large scale React.js applications development
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When we see the word “React”, here we are. React.js (along with Ruby on Rails) is one of our core technologies to develop great web apps. This post is about large scale React.js applications development. More precisely, we’ll describe the steps to building this kind of app. Are you ready?

In his original material, Aman Khalid shares the best practices and describes the steps to building a large scale React application. The same what Syndicode does in practice, but well-written in theory.

During the developing software process, there are many parts that have to be managed. It is very easy for things to go wrong. Sometimes developers tend to switch from one part of the app to the other and come back to it much later. But let’s find out how it should be done in the right way:

  • Step 1
    Determining the functionality of each view in the app. One of the best ways is to draw each view of the app. You can use a mockup tool or just draw it on paper, this will give you an understanding of what information you’re planning to have on each page.
  • Step 2
    Planning what actions would be performed within each of the views. Considering an e-commerce site with a list of featured products is useful.
  • Step 3
    Making a list of data in your application as this will constitute the models of the app, and based on these values you can later create your app’s reducers.

Every project is different in terms of scale and functionality. There is no single approach or generalization that will work every time, therefore, it’s necessary to have a plan before actual coding begins.

Please check this information in the original post by Aman Khalid to research the whole process in more details.

Talking about the plan, here we provide you with the detailed custom software development process stages we follow for every new project. And if you wonder why we choose React, here you can explore the comparison for the main JS frameworks.

By the way, in 2019, great development plan is not enought to start a successfull project. To stay ahead you have to embrace new technologies and hacks available nowadays.

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