Learn about Vue.js components

Learn about Vue.js components
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To be a successful developer you don’t have to invent new methods and tools by yourself. That could be a great plus, but not necessary. However, a good developer needs to use what others invented and be able to implement it in his projects. Success formula implies fewer efforts and less time to result in something powerful and complex. That’s why we constantly search for best practices and share them with you. Learn about Vue.js components and get improve. 

In his original article Vue.js components: an interactive guide Per Harald Borgen assumes that the best way to learn something is to spend some time playing around with it. That rule relates also to Vue.js components if you want to build a proper app with Vue.

Components let you create custom HTML elements.

Check the source article with simple explanations and learn how to:

  • create a Vue.js component
  • add the props to pass the data down from a parent
  • bind a value to a data source
  • handling the data inside the component

Also to find information about Vue.js you can go to https://vuejs.org/

By the way, we’re looking for Junior Frontend Javascript developer!

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