Monthly trending Ruby on Rails repositories. May, 20

Monthly trending Ruby on Rails repositories. May, 20
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This time our digest arrived a bit later than usual. We decided to separate it from our JS digest and give it more time to collect the most interesting Rails projects for you. In this monthly trending Ruby on Rails repositories collected on May 20, you’ll find a full-featured ElasticSearch Ruby Client, Graph APIs, Rails engine for static pages, ORM for Amazon’s DynamoDB for Ruby applications, and many other interesting and useful Ruby/Rails Github projects! 

The list starts with the most recent updates.

Monthly trending Ruby on Rails GitHub repositories

  1. search_flip is a full-featured ElasticSearch Ruby Client with a Chainable DSL.
  2. Licensed is a Ruby gem to cache and verify the licenses of dependencies.
  3. Graphiti is a stylish Graph APIs. Graphiti makes RESTful Resources a first-class concept. This enables reading and writing a graph of data in a single request, a schema with backwards-compatible guarantee, end-to-end integration test patterns, seamless microservices and much more.
  4. High Voltage is a Rails engine for static pages.
  5. Xcodeproj is a Ruby gem that lets you create and modify Xcode projects from Ruby. Script boring management tasks or build Xcode-friendly libraries.
  6. RouteTranslator is a gem to allow you to manage the translations of your app routes with a simple dictionary format.
  7. Dynamoid is an ORM for Amazon’s DynamoDB for Ruby applications. It provides similar functionality to ActiveRecord and improves on Amazon’s existing HashModel by providing better searching tools and native association support.
  8. Logidze provides tools for logging DB records changes. Just like audited and paper_trail do (but faster).
  9. zxcvbn-ruby is a Ruby port of Dropbox’s zxcvbn javascript lib.
  10. Rails ERD is a gem that allows you to easily generate a diagram based on your application’s Active Record models. The diagram gives an overview of how your models are related.
  11. Excon is a simple Ruby HTTP 1.1. It was designed to be simple, fast and performant. It works great as a general HTTP(s) client and is particularly well suited to usage in API clients.
  12. Gel is a modern gem manager, a lightweight alternative to Bundler.
  13. Searchkick is an intelligent search made with Rails and Elasticsearch. It handles stemming, special characters, extra whitespace, misspellings, and custom synonyms.
  14. RailsPanel is a Chrome extension for Rails development that has all information about your Rails app requests in the browser – in the Developer Tools panel. Provides insight to db/rendering/total times, parameter list, rendered views and more.
  15. telegram-bot-ruby is a Ruby wrapper for Telegram’s Bot API.
  16. RSpec::Benchmark stands for Performance testing matchers for RSpec to set expectations on speed, resources usage, and scalability.
  17. Tmuxinator is a Ruby gem that creates and manages tmux sessions.
  18. rom – Ruby Object Mapper (rom-rb) is a data mapping and persistence toolkit for Ruby with the goal to provide powerful object mapping capabilities without limiting the full power of your database.
  19. Job Iteration API is an extension for ActiveJob that makes your jobs interruptible and resumable, saving all progress that the job has made (aka checkpoint for jobs).
  20. Resque-scheduler is an extension to Resque that adds support for queueing items in the future. A light-weight job scheduling system built on top of Resque.
  21. Suspenders is a Rails template with standard defaults, ready to deploy to Heroku. It is the base Rails application used at thoughtbot.
  22. pry-nav is a simple execution control add-on for Pry. It helps binding navigation commands for Pry to make a simple debugger.
  23. Spreadsheet Architect is a library that allows you to create XLSX, ODS, or CSV spreadsheets super easily from ActiveRecord relations, plain Ruby objects, or tabular data.
  24. textbringer is an Emacs-like text editor written in Ruby.
  25. Scientist is a Ruby library for carefully refactoring critical paths.
  26. GraphQL Cache is a custom caching plugin for graphql-ruby.
  27. Split is a rack based A/B testing framework designed to work with Rails, Sinatra or any other rack based app.
  28. Procodile is a process manager for development and production. Procodile aims to take some the stress out of running your Ruby/Rails apps and give you some of the useful process management features you get from the takes of the PaaS providers.

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