Portrait of Ukrainian IT-specialist in 2017

Portrait of Ukrainian IT-specialist in 2017
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Site DOU.ua gathered information about Ukrainian IT-specialist in 2017 and created his portrait.

Most of respondents — developers. The average age for Ukrainian programmer — from 21 to 30 years. He has a higher education and works for outsource.

Lets take a look.

  • Age: TOP- and project managers are elder than 35 years
  • Gender: 20% of respondents are woman. Most of them work as testers (26%), developers (23%) and non-technical specialists in HR, PR or Sales (21%)
  • Location: 39% of specialists work in Kiev
  • Level: there are 27% of Junior specialists and 10% of Lead specialist. The highest percentage is shown by number of Middle specialists — 34%
  • Experience: every second respondent has 3-5 years of experience
  • Choice: 65% of Junior specialists chose IT because of high salaries. Only 37% of Senior and Lead specialists thought about income when choosing profession
  • Satisfaction: 50% of respondents rather happy with their salaries then not. 12% of respondents were not satisfied, and 30% were absolutely happy
  • Office: 77% of specialists work from office
  • Knowledge of English: 33% of respondents have intermediate level, 31% — upper intermediate
  • Marriage: 40% are married
  • Pets: 28% of respondents have a cat
  • Hobbies: most of specialists relax by walking (58%), reading (48%) and travelling (39%)
  • Prospects: in the next 5 years most of specialist (54%) see themselves as Senior or Lead specialists. 13% would like to helppenguins turn around

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