React Native 0.59 is here!

React Native 0.59 is here!
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We keep an eye on all updates so you can be the first to know about them. And we are reactively quick when it’s about React. Especially because we use it in our tech stack. We can’t be silent about it! React Native 0.59 is here! 

Welcome to the 0.59 release of React Native! This is another big release with 644 commits by 88 contributors. This release brings a number of highly anticipated changes, and we hope you enjoy them.

  • React Hooks are part of this release, which let you reuse stateful logic across components.
  • React Native uses JSC (JavaScriptCore) to power your application. JSC on Android was a few years old, which meant that a lot of modern JavaScript features weren’t supported. Even worse, it performed poorly compared to iOS’s modern JSC. With this release, that all changes.
  • Applications load resources as needed rather than slowing down the launch. This feature is called “inline requires”, as it lets Metro identify components to be lazy loaded. Apps with a deep and varied component architecture will see the most improvement.
  • React Native is a large and complex project with a complicated repository. This makes the codebase less approachable to contributors, difficult to test, and bloated as a dev dependency.
  • React Native’s command line tools are developer’s entry point to the ecosystem, but they had long-standing issues and lacked official support. The CLI tools have been moved to a new repository, and a dedicated group of maintainers have already made some exciting improvements.

Find all the changes here.

We recommend learning React’s useEffect with Dan Abramov.

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