React vs. Vue

React vs. Vue
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Lately, we’ve been thinking about which JS framework can be called the best. But there is no simple answer. We were zooming Vue.js, Angular.js and even found Stimulus. Today it’s the time to take a closer look at another framework from ‘the big three’. Let’s compare React vs. Vue!

Currently, React is dominating, but Vue.js is growing so fast, that is could eventually overtake React. React and Vue are rather similar, although there are some key differences lie in:

  • templating (Vue) vs. JSX (React)
  • CSS
  • ecosystem
  • state management (the key difference – functional programming)

Before you read the full article, the

spoiler conclusion

  1. Both React and Vue are similar in performance and they are both capable of being used on projects large and small.
  2. React is better for publishing content across multiple platforms (because of React Native), but Vue at the same time have a native mobile option in Weex.
  3. React also has a much larger ecosystem, which can potentially help accelerate development.
  4. React has the temporary (because Vue is still growing) advantage in the amount of well-versed available developers.

The other differences are mostly developer preference. Read about it in details and find some comments from Dan Abramov and Evan You here.

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