Redux core concepts explained in details

Redux core concepts explained in details
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While we are presenting you some news about updates in the integrated development environment (IDE) for Redux, there are some things left behind. Things like ‘when to use Redux’. Because most people find difficult about Redux to understand when to use it. Don’t you? That is why we decided to share with you the material where most of Redux core concepts explained in details. 

Let’s begin with the very basic things!

Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript apps and a very valuable tool for organizing application state. It’s a popular library to manage state in React apps, but it can be used just as well with Angular, Vue.js or just plain old vanilla JavaScript. Good, you know that.

The core concepts will be explained in this material are:

In a nutshell, the bigger and more complex your app gets, the more you’d benefit from using Redux. If you’re starting to work on an app and use Redux right off the bat, in future you’ll be able to easily implement any changes without refactoring a lot of your existing code.

Also, here you will learn about combining reducers and data flow in Redux.

Of course, that will be a very basic introduction. But still, it is very helpful for better understanding Redux core concepts. Redux offers a very powerful pattern for managing application state, so it’s only natural that it takes a little practice to get used to the concepts.


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