Ruby on Rails Microservices

Ruby on Rails Microservices
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Today, our team of Ruby on Rails developers decided to share their experiences with implementing complex systems using microservices architecture.

We have a client who is startup with well established business and millions on investments. Our full-stack Ruby on Rails developers help to create digital assets to automate different business processes of this client. The whole thing is build from scratch. It was decided to go with Ruby on Rails microservices architecture from the beginning.

The following digital assets have to be created:

  • web application for complex order workflow
  • web application for checkout process
  • web application for administration
  • mobile apps for clients
  • integration with CRM
  • web application for operations partners
  • integrations with affiliate sales partners
  • mobile apps for partners

We envision several Ruby on Rails microservices. They all are slightly different  from technical point of view:

  • Ruby on Rails app without database to provide views for order and checkout process
  • Usual Ruby on Rails application for back-office and back-offices of partners
  • Ruby on Rails application without views and database as backend for mobile apps
  • Ruby on rails api-only application for core database
  • Ruby on rails api-proxy application without database to integrate with third-party systems, .e.g CRM, sales partners, etc

Stay tuned we will publish the series with the tag microservices

  1. Dry-rb for view-only Ruby on Rails microservice part 1
  2. Dry-rb for Ruby on Rails microservice part 2: Validations
  3. Microservices: Ruby on Rails client application without database
  4. The necessity of a microservice approach
  5. Micro Frontends approach

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