Ruby’s fundamental ideas explained

Ruby’s fundamental ideas explained
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Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals. The same is with Ruby. Learning Ruby’s fundamental ideas explained is necessary for our growth and development. We’ve learned some already and would like you to check this as well. 

So, here what we’ve got:

  1.  A new syntax that’s not shorter than what we can currently do, and is not really as expressive as the “classic” syntax.
  2.  Now tools like parser and RuboCop have to account for the new syntax.
  3. A beginless range is good for DSL purpose.
  4. Ruby 1.9 hash literals
  5. Refinements
  6. %i literals
  7. Rational/Complex literals (2/3r2+1i)
  8. Endless ranges (1..)
  9. Safe navigation operator (&.)
  10. Lambda literals (a.k.a. stabby lambdas)
  11. The ability to use symbols as procs
  12. Keyword parameters
  13. Squiggly heredocs (<<~)
  14. Frozen string literals pragma
  15. Making UTF-8 the default source code encoding
  16. Unifying Integer and Fixnum

Which of them do you use? Check all of them explained in details here.

Let’s also explore and try to find out what Ruby code formatter to choose? Join us!

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