Single-page application (SPA) in simple words

Single-page application (SPA) in simple words
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The technology is constantly moving forward. Today, thanks to the modern frontend JavaScript frameworks like React, an app is mostly built as a single page application. So, today we would like to expand the topic and talk about the single-page application (SPA) in simple words.

Single-page applications are usually built with JavaScript. Some well-known examples of such applications are Gmail, Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Drive.

Let’s highlight some of the main things to remember about the SPA:

  • SPA is much faster because it ensures the users wouldn’t wait for the client-server communications and have feedback at once.
  • The server is using fewer resources as the focus is on the efficient API.
  • SPA is easily transformed into Progressive Web Apps. It means using local caching and offline experiences for your services.
  • It’s better to use the applications when there is no need for search engine optimization.
  • You can use SPAs when working in teams.
  • The disadvantage of Single Page Apps is that they always rely on JavaScript.

There are many problems that you can solve with the help of the SPA. Read more in this material.

SPA is one of the 3 main types of web app architecture. To know more about it please read our material about web development. By the way, React Native 0.61 with Fast Refresh is totally a new reloading experience!

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