Software development implementation plan

Software development implementation plan
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We believe that proper workflow planning is half of the software development success. Therefore, we want to share with you a very useful plan you can use while working on your project. We call it software development implementation plan.

So, the Implementation Plan is a detailed, concrete plan, written in the checklist format. It is compiled by the developers before starting work on each user story. It is a step-by-step instruction for performing each of the tasks prescribed by the engineer for himself or for other developers. Usually, Implementation Plans goes after a discover session.

The process is following. First of all, we determine what user story we implement in the next sprint. Next, the engineer’s task is to create a step-by-step Implementation Plan for the implementation of each of them. It usually includes:

  • The full path to the file you want to change.
  • Changes need to be made.

Ideally, you need to register all the changes in the implementation of the functional. They should be clear to any engineer who will work on a user story. So that even new participants can join in without additional instructions.

  • We deepen into the details of each user story before starting the software development process. This allows us to see the whole picture, find out all the requirements, questions, think about possible solutions.
  • We determine the complexity of each user stories. In the future, it helps to more accurately estimate the required time and resources.
  • We plan implementation details in advance. This allows us to minimize the number of additional questions to the client or product manager during the iteration itself.

And if the task is really simple, then the plan for its implementation will be made very quickly. It usually makes sense to look at the code and sketch out a plan. If some aspects of the task are incomprehensible, it is a good idea to conduct several experiments before planning the implementation plans.

Advantages of the Implementation Plan

  1. it gives a more accurate estimation of the tasks;
  2. it helps to understand the complexities and tangled moments;
  3. it helps to identify blockers at the planning stage and reduce tech debt;
  4. it improves knowledge sharing.

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