How to speed up MVP development

How to speed up MVP development
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From our MVP development guide, you should already know that MVP is the fastest and the safest way to launch your minimum viable product and test it. But even here experts can give some hints about how to develop your MVP even faster! Proven methods and ways from Syndicode’s experience are here to improve your development and show you how to speed up MVP development.

This summary will be very useful for your MVP development even if it is not about the technology. Our list is about the way you organize your work processes, which largely affects the result. We hope that our brief explanations have no need for detailed descriptions because they are quite obvious. You should already know all of them but often ignore them. So what we are talking about?

Ways to speed up your MVP development:

  1. Use open-source

    Instead of creating your own libraries and plugins, you can use what is already exists. Components? UI kit? Don’t waste your time and take them from open source.

  2. Establish the communication in your team

    By providing better communication together you will reach the solution much faster. When one team of your developers (backend) can react to the other team (frontend) requests faster, your MVP will be delivered faster too.

  3. Motivate developers

    While creating MVP could be stressful (well, all software products developed in stress), you can encourage your team with team building techniques or bonuses. When your developers support each other, they are more likely to work extra hours to save the company’s reputation.

  4. Responsibility distribution

    Every specialist should work with the predefined scope of tasks. In predefined timeframes. So everybody should know what the others do and when to expect their contribution. This prevents tasks to be done several times.

  5. Discuss your project with a team

    Before the start of the development, you have to make sure that all of your specialists understand what it’s about and what nuances it has. Everybody has to get it the same way. Explain it and discuss.

Despite you might think that you can do it with your eyes shut, it is hard. Make sure each of your specialists is on the same page with you, encourage, motivate your team, bring new technologies. Or hire an MVP development agency that has done tens of MVPs and knows how to do it right. Ask Syndicode about MVP development. We are here to help you.

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