Syndicode Digest #18 – Dolphin’s homework

Syndicode Digest #18 – Dolphin’s homework
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Not always your progress depends on you. Sometimes different bad things happen and you can’t do anything about it. For example, on the very deadline, your laptop is going mad. Or your hosting service can experience downtime. But the person you blame in this case is you. Please, don’t do that. There are many better things to do. Things like reading our Friday Syndicode Digest #18 – Dolphin’s homework. 


  1. Let’s talk about access the User Interface from the Server Side: check Elixir/Phoenix application to manipulate User Interface directly.
  2. If you’re interested in React applications but not yet an expert, here you can find some information on learning React.js with neat interactive examples.
  3. Check short and informative video podcast on how to add analytics into your Rails application using a tool called Segments.
  4. A useful guide on GraphQL Ruby error handling.
  5. Sometimes the easiest ways are not the best option. Read about alternatives in compositional software techniques in JavaScript.
  6. Are you interested in how things are progressing in specific subfields or AI and machine learning as a whole? Get ready for this long and super detailed report about problems, metrics, and datasets that indicate progress in AI research.
  7. For iOS developers: use this guide to network unit testing in Swift. There you will find how to use Dependency Injection technique to design an object, how to test the behavior of the object and more.
  8. If you are a UX designer, make your life a bit easier: the list of 12 useful extensions to speed up the design process.
  9. 9 examples where and how to use icons on things. Common icon use-cases for designers.

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