Syndicode Digest #24 – Omni onion

Syndicode Digest #24 – Omni onion
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Isn’t it lovely to have a friend who knows everything? Most programmers know a lot but don’t really like to share their knowledge. Like in the famous joke “we need a calm person to teach a mother of two programmers how to work on the computer”. Programmers are very similar to onion: they are bitter and tear-inducing but very useful. If you are a programmer, read our new Syndicode Digest #24 – Omni onion, and think about your behavior. 


  1. What’s the sense of humor is? If you’ll understand this complete tutorial how to install RoR on Windows, probably, you have it.
  2. Computers had doubled in power every 18 months for the last 40 years. Why hadn’t programming changed?
  3. Learn to write better automated tests: examples, common mistakes and vital questions you should ask yourself before start testing.
  4. Another issue about testing. This time for testing in Ruby on Rails: how to figure out why your test suite is slow? Yes, test suite performance matters.
  5. The main difference between MVC and Flux is the separation of queries and updates. Find out more about Flux: origin, features, and implementations.
  6. You know that performance is usually inversely proportional to scalability. But there are some ways out to improve scalability. Neat “supermarket’s cashier” examples are included.
  7. Meet the book “Category theory for the programmers” by Bartosz Milewski, converted from his blogpost series. The quote: “Category theory is a treasure trove of extremely useful programming ideas. Haskell programmers have been tapping this resource for a long time, and the ideas are slowly percolating into other languages, but this process is too slow. We need to speed it up“.
  8. Last month Facebook switched several of its open source projects — including React — over to the popular MIT license. Here are the reasons why.
  9. The scope of useful design resources, blogs, newsletters, channels and podcasts for designers and not only.
  10. The bonus! Marvelous examples of 404 pages for your design inspiration.

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