Syndicode Digest #8 – Summer Glimpse

Syndicode Digest #8 – Summer Glimpse
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Ladies and gentlemen! Greet summer and our new Syndicode digest #8 awaiting for you!


  1. Functions, Functions everywhere. Sometimes functions is all what you need. Just try and you will never return to the bloated world.
  2. Build a  solid base from which you can develop more complex features. Following this guide you can learn how to deploy often and catch deployment-related bugs before they pile up.
  3.  NEW release for Websocket Client in Elixir realm.
  4. Write type-safe Elixir code with Elm’s syntax. You know sometimes you will need to get this type safety even if you have dialyzer under your belt.
  5. Here are 10 most impressive Research Papers around Artificial Intelligence. Don’t be scared, we still learning.
  6. Read an interesting article about how AI (AlphaGo), a computer program created by Google’s DeepMind subsidiary, won one million dollars in Go game. Does it better than man?
  7. Clojure: run the simplest possible webserver. Practical.ly
  8.  HTML is a living standard for the Greater good.
  9. Can you distinguish bad semantic from good? That is all about class names. Really.
  10. AAA Architecture in 26 pages. For those who want’s to stay safe under ever changing world of HTTP standards.
  11. Learn about and build your own first progressive web app! With pleasure.
  12. In details: work and main principles of SAM (State-Action-Model) Pattern, next iteration of MVVM.
  13. Example of simple but fully functional CQRS/ES named counters application. If you feel power.
  14. Why and where we can use Terraform? Read comprehensive guide.
  15. See how can you build marketplace using Elixir.

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