Syndicode posters. E is for Exploration!

Syndicode posters. E is for Exploration!
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The Syndicode name is filled with inspiration. Each letter means something we really believe in. These are motivational and inspirational expressions and phrases that start with one of the letters from Syndicode name help us to deliver the outstanding software we can be proud of. Created by O’Lena Postoi in Cinema 4D these Syndicode posters will now decorate Syndicode office in Kyiv. Meet the forth of Syndicode posters. E is for Exploration!

Software development is always about an investigation, study, making surveys, providing researches, searching for needed information, inspection, and making probes. E is for Exploration.

‘In any field, find the strangest thing and then explore it’. This quote by John Archibald Wheeler makes us better professionals in software development. Because every time we face something we didn’t know or expected to have we explore it and make sure we can use it for our own purposes. The ability to explore something can be considered as the most important ability for developers and software architects of Syndicode. Especially when every day thousands of new hi-end solutions and sophisticated technologies appear. That is the field where you should be as quick as you can to adopt new techniques and use them to make your products outstanding. That is what exploration is used for.

Watch the whole series of posters when each letter transforms into an inspiring quote. Boom! Enjoy.

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