The future of SaaS applications

The future of SaaS applications
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There is great demand for SaaS solutions in business because Software-as-a-Service brought a new way of distributing and selling software. Especially effective SaaS solutions work for business software applications that are delivered via the cloud. But what’s the future of SaaS applications? In today’s article, we will try to understand why the term ‘Software-as-a-Service’ became so popular and why companies have to pay more attention to such applications.

SaaS applications became popular several years ago and since then, they continue to pop up. Some trends make it possible to predict the growth of the market going forward and the Software-as-a-Service success. However, Syndicode provides secure, reliable, scalable and efficient SaaS solutions since 2014… Long before it became mainstream. We have lots of experience in developing SaaS solutions and some useful knowledge to share with you.

1. What are the SaaS applications and their examples?

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is a type of cloud computing, a software that is owned, delivered and managed remotely by one or more providers. It is based on the cloud, so there is no need for physical distribution. 

In general, all SaaS products are:

  • Hosted on a remote server
  • Managed from a central location 
  • Accessible over the internet (this type makes it easier to ensure everyone sees the same information at the same time)
  • Have multitenant architecture (all the users and applications share a single infrastructure and code base that is centrally maintained).

To understand it better we suggest you meet some of the most famous SaaS products examples:

  1. Microsoft Office 365 (Excel, PowerPoint, and Word productivity applications are now cloud-based)
  2. Google apps (productivity applications suit again – Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, Meet, Drive and others you are probably currently using if you have
  3. MailChimp (email marketing platform that allows you to schedule automated emails and track their results)
  4. Amazon Web Services (Amazon SES and AWS services include computing, storage, networking, database, analytics, deployment, management, and IoT tools)
  5. Dropbox (well-known cloud storage, any file you add to Dropbox is automatically shown up across your devices.)
  6. Slack (a real-time messenger, one of the best tools to boost your development workflow)

Along with other technologies, a high-quality ERP system is important and can become part of the digital transformation of the business. This solution will automate the internal processes of your company, while technologies like Big Data, business intelligence, data science add value to your data. This is the reason why many software vendors began to actively invest in ERP technology. Despite its appearance almost three decades ago, we can say that today ERP systems are experiencing their rebirth.

You might have heard also about IaaS. This abbreviature is a ‘sister’ of SaaS and stands for ‘Infrastructure-as-a-Service’. Building your infrastructure architecture is a hard and slow process that demands a lot of dedication, passion, skills, and money. Even with the latest available solutions, you still need experts to guide you. That’s why IaaS lets you rely on some trusted guys who can provide you with Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

2. Who uses SaaS applications? How they change modern business?

SaaS applications are used by IT professionals of different range and businessmen. There are applications for business technologies, such as:

  • sales management,
  • email,
  • financial management,
  • CRM,
  • HRM,
  • billing, and
  • collaboration.

Among the leading SaaS providers are Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, and Intuit. Taking advantage of SaaS development services modern IT businesses can acquire secure and fast access to important apps and resources for their end-users. No matter the location, activity, or device. SaaS is not an innovation but is dramatically changing the way modern organizations work.

The situations when SaaS might be the most beneficial option for modern business are:

  • Running a startup or small company that needs to quickly launch a digital product
  • The need for an application for both web and mobile access (but without spending money on devs and infrastructure)
  • Using the apps that aren’t in-demand often (online services to sign documents, tax software, etc.)
  • Short-term projects that require collaboration

SaaS products stand for stronger network security, better collaboration, upfront prices, and seamless updates.

The impact of the Software-as-a-Service industry on business is strong as it has qualities as mobility, security, integrations with a variety of complementary services, applying artificial intelligence into its apps, shifting revenue models.

SaaS industry is one of the largest movements in the online business world, so it changes it dramatically. Many great and famous companies are changing their entrepreneurship policy thanks to a range of innovative aspects. It’s easy-on-use and accessible from any place, that’s why many companies start to rely on outsourcing. It saves businesses millions of dollars and allows to earn more. With SaaS technologies, businesses don’t have to worry about data security and system reliability of the app. Companies which provide SaaS development invest in troubleshooting and application maintaining quite a lot. So, SaaS customers can be sure that the app is reliable and secure.

3. Software-as-a-Service by Syndicode

Syndicode provides configurable and well-organized software for all the categories below:

  • SaaS web development with scalable backend to make your product fast and flexible
  • SaaS application development with all possible compatibilities
  • SaaS platform development
  • SaaS API development to make your service customizable
  • SaaS applications customizing to make them fit your business
  • SaaS products support
  • Providing smart IT infrastructure architecture
  • SaaS applications migration to the cloud
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

In a nutshell, Syndicode will host and maintain the servers, databases, and code that constitute an application, support your product and make sure it’s accessible with all the needed types of devices. Needless to say, that SaaS application will also be developed by Syndicode.

Here are some of our SaaS projects:

  • UKRAVIT: CRM for agro-business company
    It is a Ukrainian national leader in the market for plant protection products and micro fertilizers. UKRAVIT specializes in the production and selling pesticides, drugs for killing rodents and domestic insects, and fertilizers for resource-saving agriculture. We developed CRM systems to streamline everyday work of UKRAVIT’ managers with agro-enterprises and distributors all over Ukraine.
UKRAVIT launched its online store. Syndicode clients
  • Nova Poshta Developers Portal for API Documentation
    It is a website with interactive API documentation of the company. It was created using Azure API Management product. Developers Portal has all the tools to make it easy for developers to start using the API of the company. In addition to API documentation, the portal allows to get technical support and consulting from API developers of Nova Poshta. 
NovaPoshta API Documentation Portal
  • Less Accounting – business accounting SaaS
    It is a business-accounting software company that allows clients to easily track online invoices. It can also be used as a simple CRM. The site does not aspire to include loads of features and instead strives for simplicity and ease-of-use. With customized accounting workflows and a simple interface, LessAccounting eliminates the tedious nature of accounting and bookkeeping.
Less Accounting – business accounting SaaS. Syndicode
  • Hotel Cloud – e-concierge mobile apps
    It is a US-based company that offers modern powerful B2B SaaS software system worldwide. Hotelcloud develops applications for hotels and apartments rentals that enables their guests to order any internal service and book local attractions & experiences – from a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. It is available for the millions of users on various platforms: Web responsive, iOS and Android. Acts as CRM for hotels and small businesses. Now, this service called BlackBell.
Hotel Cloud - e-concierge mobile apps. Syndicode
  • CleanAgents – cleaning services marketplace
    One of the first in Germany. It was found in 2013 and now operates in more than fifteen cities and gives a job to about one thousand cleaners. In spring of 2015, CleanAgent was acquired by its competitor Helpling, another German startup backed by the local venture giant Rocket Internet with $62M total funding.
CleanAgents - cleaning services marketplace. Syndicode

4. What modern technologies benefit Software-as-a-Service?

Modern technologies change the shape of the future and business owners are already here to be the first to use their investments. If you run the business, you should know that you should constantly move and be aware of the new technologies to gain more customers and profits. Software-as-a-Service isn’t stable too and tries to make a profit of all possible innovations that exist nowadays:

  • Artificial Intelligence.
    AI deals with large quantities of data. That gives the companies a chance to automate many customer experience processes, such as training, marketing campaigns, upsells, and the whole customer service. For example, such platforms as chatbots can now respond and troubleshoot the customer inquiries automatically.
  • Mobile Payments. 
    Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Blockchain Technology are now beneficial for the development of web-based marketplaces and business applications as they allow creating an experience for the customers in the process of checkout.
  • Augmented Reality. AR brings the interaction to the user experience which makes even the simplest online service fun and engaging.
  • Omnichannel Marketing. It means that all channels are connected to the customer and they all are connected. This option is more related to the quality of services integrations.
  • SaaS development is cloud-based. No single SaaS app nowadays is made without cloud services. Designed to undergo peak loads and multiple requests at once, SaaS applications can scale well. This makes them a one-size-fits-all solution for businesses that strive to avoid concerns about system capacities and technical specifications. SaaS product development services make sure organizations can smoothly handle system management and architectural challenges. Cloud solutions benefit your product in the following ways:
    • Remote and easy access
    • Use of software apps through the internet
    • Outsource the entire infrastructure to a third party
    • Improving uptime and reducing the number of resources
    • Real-time integration and processing
    • The properly configured system ensures better performance
    • Reducing expenses
    • Providing scalability

Sounds impressive? SaaS is a new way of how technology can accomplish business objectives.  However, we suggest you to download the list of modern innovations in digital that will help to improve your business.

5. What types of SaaS applications are developed in Syndicode? What are their qualities?

Syndicode provides SaaS for different types of applications. Any SaaS solution for your business can be built with the help of our proficient experts. They have a deep understanding of real-world challenges SaaS product development can solve.

Different types of SaaS applications usually include:

  • Accounting and invoicing
    Billing and invoicing services, financial tracking and reporting services.
  • CRM (Customer resource management)
    The applications that allow SaaS customers to manage user information and track different events through a pipeline.
  • Project management 
    Project management software stands for tools to help users communicate and stay on track while working on a project.
  • Ecommerce
    Hosted SaaS software solutions to build an online marketplace platform with battle-tested frameworks and in affordable price.
  • Web hosting
    Remote servers to handle everything a modern business needs online.
  • Data management
    Analyzing and securing a company’s data with SaaS products.
  • ERP (Enterprise resource planning)
    A system of many connected SaaS applications that are most suited for big organizations.
  • Human resources
    Tools to track employee hours, manage payroll, schedule and manage the hiring process.

What is more important to mention, Syndicode provides Software-as-a-Service solutions that are:

  • Scalable
    This means that end-customers don’t have to change the underlying code when customizing a solution. That’s how the developed SaaS solution can support your long-term growth goals.
  • Usable
    Talking about usability – the first thing to take into account is the list of user needs. Our skilled and experienced designers provide detailed user research to eliminate the odd features and highlight the real functions that customers need. See our expertise in creating great UX and UI in the web and mobile.
  • Cost-effective
    When you don’t have to buy your own hardware and hire developers – you save a lot of money in a long-term perspective. SaaS development companies help you start saving on hardware, servers, and in-house IT specialists without compromising on user experience and functionality.
  • Secure
    In SaaS products data is stored on external servers, and customers must be sure that their data is safe and cannot be accessed by unauthorized parties. Performance can be reduced by slow Internet connections. But reliable SaaS vendors like Syndicode invest much more in security, backups, and maintenance than any small or medium enterprise.
  • Compatible
    Following open standards of integration, we make sure all of our SaaS products are easily integrated with existing apps and services. We also provide integrations with on-premise apps and support so SaaS application could be compatible with defined services 24/7.
  • Custom
    Syndicode in custom software development since 2014. And SaaS products are not exceptions. We offer maximum customization capabilities and options so you could obtain a solution with custom functionality, maximum performance, and all the needed integrations.

SaaS companies help to run your business smarter and cheaper. The SaaS model for business is quite simple, and all the end-users benefit by having access to a SaaS application online. That’s why nowadays, small businesses, startups, and enterprises are adopting SaaS.

6. What is the future of SaaS applications?

SaaS is the model of the future and is becoming increasingly popular around the world. We currently witness a ‘rebirth’ of SaaS technology, which is increasingly focused on mobile devices. Cloud computing technologies are finally becoming something commonly-used in the business segment, but the main direction of business development will be artificial intelligence in the field of logistics, transport, and retail.

More businesses understand the value of SaaS and why using these fantastic tools is good for them. Here’s why:

  1. Using microservices allows businessmen to save money by hiring fewer people.
  2. It’s problematic to create your own software solutions.
  3. There are already some great existing tools on the market that don’t cost much, so creating your own doesn’t make sense.
  4. The improvements in SaaS services appear every day.

Today’s ratings of companies who use SaaS technologies prove we shouldn’t expect a slowing of cloud technology or its impact. There is an assumption that 80% of all enterprise workloads will shift to the cloud. The companies will also use the growing AI to make decisions better and faster in all possible ways. This all, of course, will attract more people for new tools, automation, and improvements in coding. Hopefully, that will lead to an easier development process.

If you are ready for the journey to the future SaaS technologies, Syndicode can show you the way and can take full responsibility for developing your SaaS application. Our engineers, designers, and managers will go through all of the custom software development lifecycle and provide you with clear specifications, timely implementation, caring support and 24/7 maintenance.

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