What JS frameworks are worth learning in 2019?

What JS frameworks are worth learning in 2019?
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As you know from the State of JavaScript 2018 survey there are some frameworks are in favor of developers. From this, we can find out what JS frameworks are worth learning in 2019. But there are some other factors like Google Search trends and Package Downloads that can deny or support the demand. So, let’s find out the truth!

  • Prediction: React Continues to Dominate in 2019
  • Angular 1.0 is still used a lot in the enterprise in the same way that Windows XP is still used a lot in the enterprise.
  • TypeScript continued to grow in 2018, and it continues to be overrated because type safety does not appear to be a real thing.
  • Other JavaScript Tech to Learn

    • GraphQL to query services
    • Redux to manage app state
    • redux-saga to isolate side-effects
    • react-feature-toggles to ease continuous delivery and testing
    • RITEway for beautifully readable unit tests
  • One of the major themes of 2019 will be the rise of crypto and building the foundations of the internet of value.
  • Progressive Web Applications are quickly just becoming how modern web apps are properly built — added features and support from Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.
  • AR (Augmented Reality) VR (Virtual Reality) MR (Mixed Reality) all got together and joined forces like Voltron to become XR (eXtended Realty).
  • Robotics, Drones, and Autonomous Vehicles Autonomous flying drones are already here, autonomous robots continue to improve, and more autonomous vehicles are sharing the road with us.

Check here to know more about the JS framework you should pay more attention to.

Pay your attention also to Flutter. Sooner or later this framework will shine!

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