Why hire Ukrainian software developers?

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In recent years, it has become a common trend to outsource software projects to Ukrainian software developers. Why is that so? To answer this question, let’s check the current state of the IT industry in Ukraine.

The first thing to mention here is the 20.4% growth of the Ukrainian IT industry in 2020.

The number of Ukrainian developers is rising as well. It is expected to grow from 116K in 2017 to 242K in 2025.

Ukraine’s IT services market growth
Growth of Ukraine’s IT market from 2016 to 2025

The booming tech ecosystem makes Ukraine one of the leading IT outsourcing destinations in Europe. The IT industry export grew by $853MM in 2020. Currently, it accounts for 8.3% of the worlds’ total computer services exports.

So what is the exact number of Ukrainian software development companies? 360 Tech Ecosystem Overview listed 1587 product companies and 786 service companies in Ukraine.

The following domains are the focal points for Ukrainian developers:

Key niches for Ukrainian software developers
Main industries Ukrainian developers are engaged in

Syndicode as a part of the Ukrainian IT ecosystem

Since 2014, Syndicode has been engaged in custom web development. Solutions delivered by the Syndicode team include SaaS applications and service-booking platforms. Also, we build B2C and C2C marketplaces and marketing tools.

Over the years, we have gained experience working in different niches, such as: 

  • Healthcare
  • Human resources 
  • E-commerce
  • Education management
  • Facilities services
  • Apparel & fashion
  • Leisure, travel & tourism

Such expertise helps us build custom software compliant with the standards of any industry. Also, we have learned to create unique mobile and web products tailored to specific business requirements.

With our scalable, high-quality apps, our customers achieved their business goals. They were able to raise  $6.7MM in investments and reduce staff members from 300 to 20 employees.

Advantages of Hiring Ukrainian Software Developers

We have provided you with some insights into the current state of the information technology domain in Ukraine. Now we would like to set aside facts about the IT industry itself. 

Instead, we want to discuss why hiring a dedicated software development team from Ukraine is such a sound idea.

High Level of Education

Ukraine has a great number of educational institutions with strong technological traditions. 

Every year Ukrainian educational institutions produce more than 150K specialists. Of those, 15K are IT specialists. With the fast growth of the IT industry in Ukraine, this figure will grow further. It is expected to reach 20K by 2024.

The British agency Quacquarelli Symonds creates an annual list of the top universities of Emerging Europe and Central Asia. Their QS EECA University Rankings 2021 includes the following Ukrainian technological universities:

  • National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” 
  • Lviv Polytechnic National University
  • National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”
  • The Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics.

Apart from that, we should mention that many Ukrainian students start working part-time in big IT companies in their twenties. Usually, they experience fast growth within a particular software development company. So it is normal for university graduates to become strong middle developers.

Strong knowledge of the English language

To start with, in Ukraine, a solid grasp of English is a must for any specialist wanting to work in the IT industry. This extends not only to Ukrainian software developers but also to project managers, product designers, and business analysts.

To meet this requirement, software development companies offer their employees in-house English classes with certified local tutors. Syndicode is no exception. Our teammates are happy to get a chance to improve their written and spoken English skills.

In 2020, DOU conducted a survey with the goal of creating the portrait of an IT specialist. Their results in terms of English proficiency among Ukrainian software developers are as follows: 

  • 35,1% of IT professionals have Intermediate level
  • 37,6% of specialists show Upper-Intermediate level
  • 12,1% of Ukrainian software developers know English at Advanced level.
English language proficiency among Ukrainian software developers
Level of English proficiency among software developers in Ukraine

Expedient location for Ukrainian software developers

Geographic proximity is another reason to hire Ukrainian software developers for IT outsourcing. The time difference between Ukraine and the majority of European countries is one to two hours. This fact simplifies communication between customers and software developers in Ukraine.

Given that, you can easily schedule an online meeting with Ukrainian developers to discuss the current status of your project or specify some project details.

If you want to meet your software company in Ukraine, you will have no issues getting there. There are direct flights from Kyiv to major European cities that usually take two to three hours.

If you are concerned about the conditions of your stay in Ukraine, again, there is nothing to worry about. European and American citizens can stay here visa-free for ninety days.

Involvement in the project

Ukrainian software developers show a high level of involvement in the projects they are working on. They are interested in long-term cooperation with their customers. For example, at Syndicode, software projects generally last for two years or longer.

This quality makes IT outsourcing in Ukraine a more preferable option compared to such countries as India or the Philippines. Developers for hire located there take interest mostly in short-term projects.

Hence, commitment to a long-term partnership, reliability, and expertise of Ukrainian software developers are big perks to hire them for your custom software project.

Investments in Ukrainian IT companies

Another argument in favor of IT outsourcing in Ukraine is worldwide recognition and investors’ trust. Given that, it comes as no surprise that over 100 organizations listed in Fortune 500 are using the services provided by Ukrainian software developers.

Some of the household names are as follows:

  • Google
  • IBM
  • Samsung
  • Huawei 
  • Siemens
  • Oracle 
  • Microsoft

These companies opened their R&D centers in Ukraine. Simply put, instead of opening the main office in our country, they create local software development centers and hire Ukrainian developers. This way, they maintain or advance the performance of their products with the help of Ukrainian software developers, while paying affordable prices for high-quality services.

It should be noted that Ukraine is planning to welcome foreign investment even further. Currently, the Ministry of Digital Economy of Ukraine is working on a free economic zone for creative economy representatives. The idea is to provide investors with favorable conditions. 

The procedure of opening businesses and R&D centers in Ukrainian cities will be simplified. Companies will operate in accordance with English law and will pay a 10% distributed profit tax.

The ultimate objective of this project is to raise revenue generated by the Ukrainian software developers up to $16.5B in 2025 and increase the number of job opportunities up to 450K vacancies for Ukrainian developers.

Worldwide recognition of Ukrainian software development companies

The rapid growth of the IT sector in Ukraine resulted in a growing number of software development companies. 

Clutch, a famous rating and reviews platform, creates lists of the most reliable IT, marketing, and business services companies. It provides us with the following figures:

  • Top Ukraine custom software development companies – 843
  • Top Ukraine web development companies – 1226
  • Top Ukraine mobile app development companies – 880
  • Top Ukraine IT services companies – 393
  • Top Ukraine cloud consulting companies – 107

And if you want to hire Ukrainian developers that specialize in some particular technology, you can find it on Clutch as well. We recommend checking the following lists:

  • Top Ukraine PHP development companies – 526
  • Top Ukraine .net development companies – 247
  • Top Ukraine magento design & development firms – 135
  • Top Ukraine drupal development companies – 50

Affordable Prices

Affordable rates make Ukrainian software developers a great option for any outsource project.

Owing to economic factors, namely low taxes, customers pay a relatively low price for the services offered by Ukrainian developers. It may be up to ten times lower in comparison with rates set by software developers for hire from North America and Western Europe.

On average, hourly rates for Ukrainian Software developers vary between $30-$60. Over the recent years, Ukraine made a name for itself as a country with the best value/quality ratio.

  • Eastern Europe: $30-$65
  • Western Europe – $70-$100
  • India – $25-$45

For your convenience, we created a table showing the correlation between the rates set by the software developers and their geographic location.

CountryAverage hourly rates
Western Europe$70
Eastern Europe$40

The native land of famous startups

Ukrainian people are recognized all over the world as a hardworking, smart, creative, dutiful, and intelligent nation. Given that, it comes as no surprise that many prominent startups have Ukrainian roots. Now we would like to tell you about some of them.

  • Grammarly. This writing assistant was created to make your writing clearer, more effective, and error-free. The company was founded by Max Lytvyn, Alex Shevchenko, and Dmytro Lider in 2009. In 2019, Grammarly closed a $90MM funding round and got the unicorn status. It means that the company’s estimated worth is $1B.
  • Gitlab. It is an open-source software development platform. Its core functionality includes issue tracking, code review, and version control. Ukrainian software developers Dmitriy Zaporozhets and Valery Sizov, launched the solution in 2004. Currently, the company is valued at $6B. This impressive evaluation is the result of raising $268MM in 2019. Also, it is worth noting that Gitlab went public on IPO in October 2021. Now it is worth over $11B.
  • Reface. It is an AI powered application that allows users to swap faces in videos, GIFs, and images in mere seconds. Roman Mogylnyi, Ivan Altsybieiev, Dmytry Shvets, and Kyle Sygyda launched their project in January 2020. In December 2020, the startup got $5.5B  in investments from a private American venture capital firm called Andreessen Horowitz and a few business angels.

Other promising Ukrainian startups we should mention are People.ai, MacPaw, Looksery, and Restream.

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Tech requirements for software developers in Ukraine

The technology stack used by Ukrainian software developers includes all popular programming languages from mature ones such as Python or Java to newer technologies like Scala or Go.

The recent survey by DOU, the biggest online community of software developers in Ukraine, shows that JavaScript is the most widely used programming language among Ukrainian software developers.

Ukrainian software developers have a great knowledge of different programming languages. Thus, the most popular technologies are JavaScript (18,1%), Java (14,7%), C# (14,3%), Python (12,1%), and PHP (10,1%).

The top ten programming languages looks the following way:

The most popular programming languages among Ukrainian software developers
What programming languages are used by Ukrainian software developers

When it comes to frameworks and libraries, we can say for sure that React.js, Angular.js, and Node.js are the top three technologies among software developers in Ukraine.

At Syndicode, Ukrainian software developers can use almost any programming language on the market. Based on our experience in building different types of software solutions, we will choose the technology stack that suits your project best.

Choosing the developers to join the Syndicode team

At Syndicode, we hire experienced Ukrainian software developers with a solid technical background. On average, we hire 1 in 46 applicants. Each candidate went through a rigorous selection process. That way, we ensure the best quality for the services we deliver. 

As a result, we don’t teach employees at customers’ expense. On the contrary, our Ukrainian developers are ready to take on a new software project right off the bat.

As for new (future) developers, we only get 5% of juniors. The rest of our teammates are at either middle or senior level. 

We only hire the most skilled and talented Ukrainian developers. They are improving their expertise while working on our internal projects. Thus, we guarantee our customers get high quality, reliable, and bug-free software.

Upgrade Skills

At Syndicode, software developers continuously take part in conferences. They never miss an opportunity to improve their qualifications and apply modern programming techniques.

With the outbreak of Covid-19, all conferences moved online. This trend gave our teammates more flexibility in terms of learning new things. Our software developers got the opportunity to expand their knowledge anywhere with internet access.

Here we should mention the following online conferences:

  • DevOps Stage 2021
  • JavaScript fwdays’21
  • Rubyday 2021 Digital Edition

Also, we are happy to announce that this year we have the chance to attend the Web Summit that will take place in Portugal from November 1-4. We are proud to be the participants of the largest tech event in the world, where we will meet the industry leaders and listen to the most incredible speakers.

Hire Ukrainian software developers from Syndicode

Currently, the market is oversaturated with software developers. Each of them has a different skill level and experience. For this reason, IT outsourcing in Ukraine can become a real challenge for businesses.

You can hire a freelancer, but how sure are you that this particular specialist will meet the deadline? Besides, it may turn out that the quality of the project delivered is far from perfect. Finally, there is always the risk that the freelancer you are working with will sell your code to your competitor. 

These are all reasons why you need to find a reliable software partner to avoid mishaps. In this regard, Syndicode is a great option. 

We both provide a full cycle of software development services and offer a dedicated software development team. By choosing our company, you will get a reliable partner who will provide you with the required assistance at each stage of the software development process from a discovery session to the product launch.

After signing an agreement, you can expect the highest level of involvement on our part. We will select specialists who are best suited for your project. We will help you choose the must-have functionality for your product and apply the most advanced tech stack to implement those features.

Finally, we will use the best project management methodologies such as Scrum and Agile to ensure the software development process runs smoothly and efficiently.


There are plenty of reasons to hire Ukrainian software developers for your outsource software project. We have mentioned their high level of education and involvement in the project. But what is the most important thing is the best value/cost ratio. By paying a relatively low cost for the services of Ukrainian software developers, you will get a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals. They will provide you with the best custom software solution tailored to your specific business needs.

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  • According to the recent data, currently there are over 200K Ukrainian developers. This figure is expected to grow even further and reach 242K of IT specialists by 2025. Besides, the Ministry of Digital Economy of Ukraine is planning to increase the number of job opportunities up to 450K vacancies for Ukrainian developers by 2025.

  • Due to the favourable economic conditions, prices for the services provided by Ukrainian software developers are significantly lower compared to their counterparts from North America and Western Europe. The hourly rates set by Ukrainian software development companies start at $40/hour in comparison to $100/hour established by American programmers. As for Western European developers, they set rates of $70/hour and higher.

  • There are several reasons why outsourcing in Ukraine is such a sound option. The first one is the best value/cost ratio. By paying a relatively low cost for software development services provided by Ukraine software developers, you can expect to get a high-quality custom software solution. The second reason is that Ukrainian software developers show a high level of technical competence. Finally, we should mention the expedient location of Ukraine. If you want to hold an in-person meeting with a Ukrainian software company, you can easily get there.

  • At Syndicode, we have gained vast experience in building software products of any kind, be it an on-demand service app or a multi-vendor fashion marketplace. Also, we hire only the most talented and skilled Ukrainian software developers. This way, you can be sure the custom software project we will build for you is secure, scalable, and bug-free. We provide a full circle of custom software development services, meaning we will support you at each step of product development from a discovery session to the product launch.

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