Writing correct User Stories

Writing correct User Stories
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A user story is a tool used in Agile (and not only) software development and is an informal description of one or more features of a software system. It’s usually a vital part of the software development implementation plan you follow. Writing correct User Stories is a powerful technique that defines the future success of your product. We’ll help you understand the details.

We selected the most important things to consider while writing user stories:

  1. Using consistent language. Every project should start with defining terms that will build language for the future.
  2. Not listing issues. We need to consult real users or their representatives about what they want.
  3. Removing technical details. It’s an implementation detail.
  4. Clarifying roles. These roles can form depending on the way or goal of why your product is used.
  5. Making user stories verifiable. There is no clear mapping between this user story and our tests
  6. Spotting the incompleteness. And we can adjust our development process to the growing complexity.
  7. Ranking user stories. Ranking and prioritization
  8. Linking everything together. Requirements, source code, tests, and docs

This tips will help you to write better user stories, remember users’ needs, keep your code clean, and reuse as much as you can. Check here for more details.

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