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Syndicode’s experience in iOS application development allows us to transform your innovative business ideas into reality. We provide mobile app development services to enterprises across the globe. Our skilled team comprises of creative designers and deft technical architects who craft visually stunning iPhone apps.

As an iOS app development services provider company, we have proven experience in building user-centric models for the iOS mobile operating system.

Your iOS app should be user-centric and market-centric, both. For getting a successful iPhone app developed, your mobile app development partner must be capable of serving all your business requirements. And, for that, you need to have a bug-free app packed with excellent functionality along-with the seamless design. That’s all about Syndicode.

Android app development in Syndicode

As a custom software development company from Ukraine, over the years, Syndicode’s team of dedicated engineers has been accumulating expertise in building custom software products and solutions.

As an iOS app development agency, we design and develop next-gen, real-life problem-solving solutions on iOS platforms for:

  • iPhone,
  • iPad,
  • iPod, and
  • Apple Watch devices.

Comprehensive knowledge in Apple Guidelines helps our team build apps that get quickly approving and featured over the App Store.

We provide scalable and secure iOS applications for startups, SMEs and enterprise clients worldwide. We help carve and deliver clients’ business model and enterprise applications to powerful business-focused solutions. To bring the best for our clients’ specific project requirements, we provide:

What is special about iOS application development?

iOS is the most popular OS platform worldwide for mobile application development. Smartphones have become an important and growing part of our life. The enhanced use of smartphones is enhancing the need for mobile enterprise application development. Therefore, before establishing apps for iOS gadgets, it is required to comprehend some of the aspects of iOS application development.

iOS being among the fastest growing mobile OS on the planet makes perfect sense if you want an app with a purpose. iPhones and iPads still rule the market and hence reaching out to a wider target audience can fuel strategic business growth.

Currently, the iOS platform serves 1,5 billion users, (in 2019).

iOS apps advantages

  • Enjoyable Apple interface
  • Fast & simple development
  • Great consumer experience
  • High security
  • Paying capacity of clients

What you get with iOS app development by Syndicode

We build native mobile applications with Ruby on Rails. Our team is experienced in developing apps for all popular iOS devices and integrating them with wearables and IoT devices. Our iOS development services include all key phases of building an app, starting with in-depth analysis, through app growth and ending with support and app maintenance. Each time we perform code review and conduct QA tests to keep the best quality. 

We do our best to create a safe and friendly working environment for our developers to let them focus on writing great code. Our co-workers have made countless iOS apps, and they know how to actually build things the right way.

Hiring iOS development team in Syndicode you get:

  1. Easy upgrade & migration of apps to latest iOS devices
  2. Experienced team of professionals
  3. High-quality native iOS development with Ruby on Rails
  4. Complete transparency & clear communication
  5. Using of latest tools & technologies
  6. Absolute confidentiality and security

iOS app development best practices 

There are some important things we remember while developing an iOS application.

A harmonized combination of multiple resources and skills distinguishes iOS in the software development marketplace apart from the rest. Subsequently, app developers using iOS development can channel these resources to leave a lasting impression on the end-user.

App developers using the iOS platform can incorporate into their design scheme accessories and features that will act as an extension of the user. That’s because iOS development allows for the most accessible and user-friendly interfaces and features available.

Watch the trends for mobile app development in 2020.

Hiring Android app development developers in Ukraine

Diligently complying with the Apple Human Interface Guidelines, Ukrainian developers design and develop customized and unique mobile app solutions for clients’ specific needs. Syndicode offers:

  • app consultation,
  • architecture design,
  • end-user centric UI/UX,
  • development via native Android approach,
  • testing,
  • server-side support and
  • maintenance services for iOS apps.

We provide custom application development services to build smooth and ingenious user experience for the Apple mobile platform. Our adroit iOS app developers leverage Swift and Xcode technologies to develop a technology proof app solution for clients’ business needs.

If you want us to develop a new great app or maintain the existing project, be free to

If our values, principles, and qualities resonate with you, be free to

Syndicode works in two engagement models:

Syndicode will provide you with a dedicated team of skilled Android engineers or even with a single developer with proper expertise and level in Android application development. Specialists working under an outsourcing contract have a flexible schedule and work on their territory. By performing work under the outstaffing contract, employees are subject to the customer’s employment schedule, usually, have their jobs on the customer’s premises and have job descriptions.
Explore the differences between IT outsourcing and outstaffing models.

In this engagement model, Syndicode will take full responsibility for developing your application. Our engineers, designers, and managers will go through all of the custom software development lifecycles and provide you with clear specifications, timely implementation, caring support and 24/7 maintenance.

As an iOS app development company, Syndicode assures you in the TOP quality of your iOS app, its timely delivery, and professional maintenance. If you’re interested in hiring iOS engineers to contribute to your project or have an idea for the development from scratch – contact Syndicode!

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