Ruby on rails API Integration

Almost every web programmer knows how important it is to constantly use API integration to websites or applications. As any product gets higher demand from its customers, programmers would need to have a better API structure to accommodate every request.

As a true expert, you must know that building a professional and rich API in not that hard to do, but you should prepare yourself from the very beginning so that you won’t miss any best practices and important concepts to include in your API while developing it.

Ruby on Rails API integration is one of the best development tools that is used by top web programmers. Not only does it make it easy for programmers to change codes and files, but it helps them control their API while they’re building it while granting the request of their customers. When building your API, here are the top essentials that you should follow so that you won’t have any problem in the future.

  1. Use Versioning: If you have just started developing your product, even if you’re not sure if you get the chance to update it to a newer version for your API, always version your Ruby on Rails API. You don’t have to pay anything for your version, and it will make it easy for you in the future to add a new version if ever your product succeeds. Almost every product that succeeds, web programmers have to adapt their API interface and create another and better version of the API. If you don’t create another version for your API while your product is at its early stage, you might find yourself in trouble when you try to version it when your customers are already large. Their business logic may be dependent on your endpoint and can fail ones you update your API.
  2. Correctly Use HTTP Status Codes: Using HTTP status codes are great communication and mechanism to help you inform your customers if their requests are granted or not. Ruby on Rails API integration controller is very easy to use and understand which is why it’s chosen by many web programmers.
  3. JSON: As much as possible, use JSON to send any data that you want directly to your endpoint. Your customer will find it easier to assemble and read so that their time won’t be consumed. Plus, Ruby on Rails integration handles parameters very well if it’s JSON-encoded. The Rails’ Action Controller automatically reads and converts data that are JSON so that you can easily access it using params.
  4. HTTP Status Codes: Using the correct HTTP verbs can help you, and your customers communicate very efficiently. Your customers will find it easy to use your Ruby on Rails API because they can understand it in their own language. Plus, the routing methods of Rails will make it a breeze for you to implement the correct HTTP verbs.

There are a lot more essential things that you should do so that your product and customers won’t have any problems in the future. These are just 4 important things that you should use while your product is young and the demand is not that high. Ruby on Rails API integration can help you ease out the work and save you more time for more productive results.


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