Ruby on Rails Prototype Development

In the modern business environment that we are living in today, every idea comes with a set of pre-set conditions which determine whether or not it will ultimately become a successful product. As an online entrepreneur, your capability of reacting promptly to the feedback of customers is one of the secrets towards attracting the attention of paid customers, thus igniting overall growth. So as to ensure the process of customer development more dynamic and smoother, implementing the use of Ruby on Rails Prototype Development is highly recommended.

Prototype Development – What is it?

Generally speaking, a prototype refers to a physical representation that is used in illustrating and verifying certain aspects of a particular concept of design as part of the overall development process for an upcoming technology or product. Basically, it brings a certain idea into reality. In the world of Information Technology, this concept takes on a different meaning. In fact, a prototype is very important when it comes to app development.

A prototype refers to a version of the application which enables you to show and test the main functions, in the leanest, and the least cost and time, possible. It is used to test your prototype openly with the actual intended market, most especially if you are designing for the iOS market, where Apple needs to review first and approve the app created before circulation is allowed.

The Advantages of Ruby Prototype

For one, by implementing the use of Ruby Prototype, the logic of the app is built right away. Rails framework enables you to establish business login in just about 10 minutes. This means that there is no need for longer setups and configuration. Also, the basic features can easily be generated through the Ruby on Rails Prototype process rather than coding them. With the generators and infrastructures, it is possible to setup an app that comes with basic feature such as signup and user login with user management, roles, as well as a nice layout, all completed without having to write a single code.

The creators of Ruby Prototype offer several frameworks that are used for testing. As a matter of fact, it has been considered as a fairly common practice within the Rails community to test their own logic and code using those frameworks. The process of testing often includes unit, integration, and functional tests, among others. There are also frameworks, such as Capybara, which can allow you to write the user stories just like normal sentences, which are then transformed automatically to executable test cases.

Bottom Line

Today, the virtual world is teeming with several app developers. As such, taking advantage of the benefits offered by Ruby on Rails Prototype Development is a good direction to take. In order to have a realistic view of success, it is important to go through this process in a very professional way. After all, anything less may cause all of your efforts to fail.


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