AI Ukraine international conference on artificial intelligent and data science applications. Syndicode event

AI Ukraine international conference on artificial intelligent and data science applications

As far as Syndicode is obsessed with technologies and truly believe in scientific progress, today we’d like to present you new awesome event that brings the future closer! AI Ukraine is a professional forum for meeting peers, sharing experiences and discussing the current issues in the field of data mining, machine learning, text mining, Big Data, Robotics, Computer Vision, and other areas of AI. Welcome to AI Ukraine international conference on artificial intelligence and data science applications in Kyiv! 

Syndicode Digest #58 – Embroidery master. Syndicode digest

Syndicode Digest #58 – Embroidery master

We are back with our freaky Syndicode digests names! Despite we call them quite weird, only here you will find really interesting materials that will help you not to get lost in the world of software development. We try to pick the most relevant and useful news on frontend, backend, tools, technologies, design, and trends. So, make yourself comfortable and enjoy our new Syndicode Digest #58 – Embroidery master!

Syndicode Digest #56 – Stress test. Silicon Valley. Syndicode news

Syndicode Digest #56 – Stress test

You should already know that if there was no Syndicode digest on Friday, it will be delivered on Monday. So, this is happening today. But waiting for a digest is not a stress test we talk about. Actually, we talk about your everyday experience which is the real stress test. Of course, if you’re a good and responsible developer. There’s so much different obstacles you face and problems you solve! And the pressure you feel from your bosses or clients. But if you have chosen this profession – you have no way out. So keep calm and visit psychoanalyst as often as possible. That helps! And read our new Syndicode Digest #56 – Stress test!

Raccoon.World rehabilitation solution for people with hand disabilities. Syndicode solutions. Healthcare. Ukrainian startups

Raccoon.World rehabilitation solution for people with hand disabilities

Syndicode always knew that here in Ukraine we do have the most talented specialists and software engineers. Also, we do have many great projects aimed to make this world a better place! Today we will tell you about Ukrainian startup Raccoon.World that is developing rehabilitation solution for people with hand disabilities based on Big Data and Machine Learning. This is the brand new solution aimed to help people with hand disabilities (cerebral palsy, quadriplegic, hand injuries, stroke survivors etc). When this world is getting crazy about data science and artificial intelligence, it’s so good to see that the scientific progress can really improve our lives!

Join BOTCAMP Kiev 2018! Syndicode news

Join BOTCAMP Kiev 2018!

Syndicode is so excited to tell you about the next upcoming event! As you know, we are the big fans of machine learning, big data, artificial intelligence and deep learning events. On July 14, BOTCAMP Kiev 2018 will be held in beautiful Kiev! And you have the unique chance to join BOTCAMP Kiev 2018 and get 10% off the tickets price!