New Syndicode Digest #63 – Unhide revision! Some old/new things to revise! Syndicode digest

Syndicode Digest #63 – Unhide revision

Some type of knowledge does go outdated. But some data and recipes, ways and tools just going to be improved and reused again and again. How to know whether your knowledge is still valid in new conditions and times? How do you understand when you can apply some old tricks for the new issues? A human brain is a real magic box without capacity limits. And sometimes there’s no need to learn something new. All you have to do is to revise what you already have. Let’s do some knowledge revision with our new Syndicode Digest #63 – Unhide revision.

Syndicode Digest #61 – Security zonked. Syndicode news

Syndicode Digest #61 – Security zonked

It is rarely met situation when your updates are really needed because of some critical issues. And in most cases, you skip them. Don’t you? However, we wish you not to have critical issues to update your soft but only necessary improvements! Some of them you will find in our new ‘Syndicode Digest #61 – Security zonked’!

Syndicode featured as a leading B2B company in Ukraine! Syndicode news

Syndicode featured as a leading B2B company in Ukraine!

As a relatively new company, founded in 2014, Syndicode wanted to become the best at creating digital products as soon as we started up. We are a team of dedicated and knowledgeable engineers coming up with efficient and effective solutions for businesses in almost any industry. As a result, we are extremely proud to announce our inclusion in Clutch’s annual report of the top B2B companies in Ukraine.

Syndicode Digest #60 – Atavism adopter. Syndicode digest

Syndicode Digest #60 – Atavism adopter

History repeats itself. And we sometimes come back to the already forgotten basics that might seem actual as never before. Moreover, things we had at the start might be even more reliable than their promising modifications. However, the world is moving forward and we happy about nowadays inventions. But what will happen if one day Earth’s magnetic field will stop working? If it happens our ‘Syndicode Digest #60 – Atavism adopter’ will no longer be available for you to read. So enjoy it now!

Sails.js is a Node.js MVC framework inspired by Ruby on Rails. Syndicode news

Sails.js is a Node.js MVC framework inspired by Ruby on Rails

As you know Syndicode’s passion about Ruby on Rails, you wouldn’t be surprised with our next find. Sails.js is a Node.js MVC framework inspired by Ruby on Rails that follows convention over configuration principle. Sail.js allows you to quickly build REST APIs, single-page apps, and real-time (WebSockets-based) apps. It makes extensive use of code generators that allow you to build your application with less writing of code — particularly of common code that can be otherwise scaffolded.

Syndicode Digest #58 – Embroidery master. Syndicode digest

Syndicode Digest #58 – Embroidery master

We are back with our freaky Syndicode digests names! Despite we call them quite weird, only here you will find really interesting materials that will help you not to get lost in the world of software development. We try to pick the most relevant and useful news on frontend, backend, tools, technologies, design, and trends. So, make yourself comfortable and enjoy our new Syndicode Digest #58 – Embroidery master!

The scope of questions for freelance Rails developer. Syndicode news

The scope of questions for freelance Rails developer

Here in Syndicode we do have experienced team of Rails developers. And you can check our level by evaluating our projects and clients’ testimonials. But what to do if you want to hire a freelance developer? How will you find out his or her level? Especially if you are a non-technical person who has never hired a developer before… But we found for you the scope of questions for freelance Rails developer!

YAML files for RoR apps configuration. Syndicode news

YAML files for RoR apps configuration

Sometimes you work with a tool but don’t know that it has some secret features that can speed up the process or improve the final quality. How many of you knew that Rails has a built-in method to load configuration defined in ymlfiles? If you hear this for the first time, thanks to Paweł Dąbrowski today you will learn about YAML files for RoR apps configuration!

Weekly trending Ruby on Rails repositories. May, 18. Syndicode news

Weekly trending Ruby on Rails repositories. May, 18

There’s so much we want to share with you! It’s almost a month since we last made a scope of the most interesting GitHub Rails open source projects! But that just means that we had more time to pick something really awesome! In this digest, you’ll find a gem for live editing phrases, Rails Engine for the GDPR compliance, a system for handle support requests, Ruby on Rails CMS, Ruby libraries and more… Read about all of them in our weekly trending Ruby on Rails repositories. May, 18.