New Syndicode Digest #63 – Unhide revision! Some old/new things to revise! Syndicode digest

Syndicode Digest #63 – Unhide revision

Some type of knowledge does go outdated. But some data and recipes, ways and tools just going to be improved and reused again and again. How to know whether your knowledge is still valid in new conditions and times? How do you understand when you can apply some old tricks for the new issues? A human brain is a real magic box without capacity limits. And sometimes there’s no need to learn something new. All you have to do is to revise what you already have. Let’s do some knowledge revision with our new Syndicode Digest #63 – Unhide revision.

5 GraphQL apps issues. Syndicode news

5 GraphQL apps issues

While we’re using different APIs for our projects, we see that there is a lot of hype about GraphQL. It’s an elegant approach to solve many problems associated with traditional REST APIs. But there are some issues in GraphQL that lead to a bloated codebase or even to a dramatically slowed-down app. Today we will show you 5 GraphQL apps issues and the ways to avoid them!

Meet Layoutit tool for lazy frontenders! Syndicode news

Meet Layoutit tool for lazy frontenders!

It seems like in future developers will write less and less code. Modern technologies and automating tools will allow you just to pick the goal and do everything for you. We can’t say is it good or bad, but we can say that sometimes these new solutions can bring you a lot more productivity without extra efforts. Meet Layoutit tool for lazy frontenders! 

Weekly most popular JS repositories. Catch the wave. JS digest

Weekly most popular JS repositories. Catch the wave

Our previous JS digest was issued on June 25 but so many great repositories were explored since that time so we can’t keep them anymore. We want you to know about them too! This is the scope of the latest weekly most popular JS repositories. Catch the wave with us and stay tuned about all the newest and the coolest solutions for frontend developers! This new list of JS GitHub repositories will make your work smarter, faster and happier! Here you’ll find open source codebase to learn coding, the most popular JS utility library, storage library that improves offline experience, browser-based code editor, an online diagramming website, port of React Native to the web, self-hosted web IRC client, deep learning visualization toll and many more neat projects… Explore and enjoy!

Syndicode Digest #62 – Wonderful nidicolous. Syndicode digest

Syndicode Digest #62 – Wonderful nidicolous

All of us like when the path is investigated and the lessons are learned. When you have no need to adopt new rules and rely on your own skills. But that is the way you will never learn anything new. That is why every talented developer has to leave the nest of his or her first successful workplace. Not because it’s bad, but because there is the need to move on. Let’s move on with our new ‘Syndicode Digest #62 – Wonderful nidicolous’!

Node.js guide for beginners. Syndicode news

Node.js guide for beginners

Syndicode found a great material for frontend developers who just started their hard and interesting path! This is a Node.js guide for beginners where you’ll find the fundamental Noge.js principles covered along with editing existing or creating new scripts. With this guide, you’ll learn to understand errors, what interfaces built-in modules use, and what to expect from typical Node.js objects and interfaces.

Sucrase is a super-fast alternative to Babel. Syndicode news

Sucrase is a super-fast alternative to Babel

Working with Babel? Sure, it’s great! But don’t you want to skip these steps of tokenizing the input source code into a token stream and walking the AST to compute the scope information for each variable? If you could work on a lower level and use a custom parser for its use case, you could be much faster! But look what we have found… Sucrase is a super-fast alternative to Babel!