Syndicode Digest #73 – Rare possibility. Syndicode digest

Syndicode Digest #73 – Rare possibility

How many of you have tried your luck? We’re not talking about gambling or ruffling. We’re talking about belief in your chance, even if you know that there’s no chance at all. Theoretically, this way of behavior is at low probability among programmers because they can predict what will happen according to different assumptions and calculations. But it is also observed that sometimes programmers have no idea what they are doing at all. And the hope that everything will be ok is the only one thing that helps them to continue. Try to identify your type of behavior while reading our new ‘Syndicode Digest #73 – Rare possibility’!

Where to find Ruby on Rails developers for your next startup? Syndicode.

Where to find Ruby on Rails developers for your next startup?

These days the internet is booming with nice useful products, sites, and apps that largely simplify the human’s life. Starting from tools to boost your development workflow (like Trello or Slack) and online shops and ending with social networks (for business as well!) and media applications. For the business owners, like as for the users, this situation is an outstanding opportunity to reach new horizons and to bring your idea to life. The new era of web solutions made it possible to enter the field even without enormous bank’s credit or raising money from the investors. Both variants of course possible too, but many startups avoided high risks by going the bootstrapping way. Whatever way you choose, you need developers! Of course, professional ones. But not the expensive ones (you run a startup). Rails developers might be just right for you in this case. The question is where to find Ruby on Rails developers for your next startup?

Monthly most popular JS repositories. Gloomy weather. Syndicode JavaScript digest

Monthly most popular JS repositories. Gloomy weather

This type of weather makes you want nothing else but sitting at home and watching some movie sipping a tea or cacao. Right? Especially if it’s cold outside. Some might say that such conditions force people to learn something new or improve their skills while there is not much fun on the street. But we have doubts about any kind of motivation in November. Still, you can watch as others getting popular on GitHub with their JS projects. This ‘Monthly most popular JS repositories. Gloomy weather’ is here for you! Enjoy other’s people achievements and use these awesome 3D libraries, business intelligence web applications, code editors, audio libraries, Node app frameworks, and data visualization frameworks and more!

Syndicode Digest #72 – Chicken dance. Syndicode digest

Syndicode Digest #72 – Chicken dance

Chicken dance learning curve seemed so hard in our childhood. But as you grow, things you’ve learned earlier might seem even primitive. And that happens even with the most sophisticated and hard-to-understand concepts. As much as you work with it, as much as you practice, and as much as you getting older and smarter, you become ready for more complicated tasks. Let’s use this explanation when things seem impossible. Read about great impossible solutions that became possible in our new  Syndicode Digest #72 – Chicken dance!

How to evaluate a new JavaScript library? Syndicode news

How to evaluate a new JavaScript library?

Here, in the developers community, we often argue which JavaScript library/framework is better. Whether you are the Angular adept or trying to choose between Vue and React, there are always some arguments you follow to support your choice. Which criteria do you follow when choosing new technology or framework? Today Syndicode would like to share with you some great points on how to evaluate a new JavaScript library.

Syndicode Dnipro moved to the new office! Syndicode news

Syndicode Dnipro moved to the new office!

Last month Syndicode Dnipro moved to the new office located on the 10th floor, with the beautiful panorama of the river and the city center. New interior, facilities and location make this office even more attractive than the previous one. We want our software engineers to be happy! And we invite you to join our talented team that is not afraid of challenges! Check our open positions here or contact us to find out more!