UX Engineer

The field of UX Engineering is developing at a fast rate.  LinkedIn distributed an infographic demonstrating that the popularity of this job title has increased up to 22% compared to the previous years.  With the current surge and demand in the UX Engineers, it is only common for anyone to claim that they are UX Engineer.  It can be quite deceiving to find the best UX engineer that will present you with the best outcome that is suitable for your business.  In order to hire the top UX engineer, you must analyze their skills and the methodologies that they are using.

How to Hire the Best UX Engineer?

Here are some set of techniques, skills, and knowledge that the top UX engineer must possess.

  • UX Engineer should have the ability to relate a visual configuration toolset on their project through the comprehension of ideas that is driving the visual correspondence, navigation, typography, shading and every single component of the interface.
  • The top UX Engineer can make significant wireframes, prototypes, and mockups with a specific end goal to show and depict the basic outline and presentation of data while considering all the characterized desires and functionalities within the data design.
  • The best UX Engineer will be able to easily comprehend the work process and the user interface at a much higher level such as how the client will connect with the arranged components and functionalities. UX Engineer must be able to comprehend the ideas that are driving the IxD or interaction design.
  • When you hire UX Engineer, they should be able to understand first the need of the users. The objectives and goal of the application are still the first determining factor before they even placed their skills and knowledge in creating web applications, mobile apps, website, and service.
  • After understanding the need of the user and the objective of the application, he must be able to effectively translate it into functionalities. He must also be able to determine the possible future requirements of the application.  The UX engineer should be very much engaged on the product development stage from the initial phase up to the date of completion.
  • The most essential skill of the top UX Engineer would be his communication skill. The best UX Engineer is always required to work hand in hand with stakeholders, developers, project managers and end-users.  For them to completely understand the perspective of the user, a great communication skill is definitely needed.

The UX Engineer of Syndicode are critical thinkers, they are always willing to search for a solution that is out of the ordinary and not in their comfort zone.  They will be able to document and record high-quality information that is needed during the UX prototyping.  They are also open to any form of critique and strive hard to meet if not surpass the clients expectations and demands.  They are also well experienced and knowledgeable that gives them a strong technical aptitude that allows them to use various tools during the process giving you the comfort and peace of mind that you are getting the best worth of your money.


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