5 software frameworks advantages for web app development

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Today web app development can be done in many ways. And there’s not a question anymore about web application’ advantages for both user and business. We created for you the full guide on web app development with all important nuances every developer and business owner should know. And now we suggest you take a look at a short article related to the ways of web application development topic. Particularly, we will talk about development using frameworks: 5 software frameworks advantages for web app development. 

For those of you who not familiar with the topic, a software framework is a platform for developing software on-demand applications which define the structure of a programming system. Here in Syndicode our framework of choice is Ruby on Rails, and you could learn its advantages from our previous article Why Ruby on Rails is ideal for Web App development. And now we would like to tell you why developers use frameworks.

Apart from well-known life-simplifying features, frameworks bring much more benefits for the developer, business, and end-user.

So here are the main 5 advantages of frameworks:

  1. Most of the popular frameworks are open-source (or available to use for free). They often also come with licensing that is not restrictive and allows to build a commercial product
  2. In most cases, the framework has good documentation and support. It is worth mentioning that “good support” is a subjective issue at times. Typically, paid support will almost always be faster and more concise, but this also depends on the level of activity within the framework – as a framework like Ruby on Rails demonstrates with a massive community, which is renowned for its welcoming nature and good support too
  3. Frameworks eliminate the need to write a lot of repetitive code that you will find being used in many different applications. The advantage of efficiency will never be underestimated. You can expect to build a project in much less time than would be achieved writing code without a framework
  4. As far as a framework usually developed and tested by many different developers it can gain a strong level of security. It is extremely likely that many security risks are addressed and tested when the framework is being built
  5. Integration: for building almost any type of application (including a website) where you want to store some data, you will typically use a database. There also exist many other tools that link to web development. Many frameworks will thus make it easier to link to these tools and also communicate with them

This short yet meaningful list will make you understand why frameworks are so popular and why they’re widely used for web app development.

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