Fancy CSS animations

Fancy CSS animations
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When you find some nice site to stick around, you probably don’t recognize elements it’s created of at first. Elements like animations. They smart, neat and simple. But the animations make the site most attractive for the user. Learn some tricks to create fancy CSS animations with interactive examples.

You don’t need to be technically competent to build great animations, but you need to have a good sense of design and an innate drive to craft good UI interactions. But who will prevent you from imitating some great examples that already exist and taking inspiration from the most talented designers? For instance, you can go to Awwwards or Dribbble to check what is happening in the design world.

But, at first, let’s try to create these simple and awesome animations, shown in the original article by Carlos Roso.

Neat CSS animations. Syndicode

The article shows examples of animations and explains how the whole animation technique works by going step by step through the process of revealing the header of our sample site. There you will learn:

  1. defining our core CSS
  2. applying animations to agents
  3. settings the properties
  4. avoiding computing work
  5. advice that matters

That’s quite easy. Try it!
p.s. and check other useful articles on UI/UX design from our blog by pressing markup tag.

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