Figma 3.0 released!

Figma 3.0 released!
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Nowadays it’s hard to stay ahead of your competitors, especially if we talk about design tools. While one propose unlimited power on a paid base the other allows using everything for free. But Figma thinks that the future is in the online collaboration within your design team. And you can’t argue with this! Figma 3.0 released with three new features that will allow teams of all sizes to consolidate their tool stack, saving time and money.

With desktop-based design, teams often spend more time managing their workflow than designing.

Designers’ workflows should not have to be maintained with constant syncing, updating, integrating and saving. They should just work.

So Figma found out a better way on the web and launched a new version with these 3 tools:

  • Upgraded Prototyping: added device frames, fixed objects, and advanced scrolling to bring your designs to life.
  • Styles: Styles and the new Team Library functionality allow you to build and maintain every part of your company-wide design system in Figma.
  • Organization tier: helps large organizations scale their design management.

Read more about this new functionality, coupled with the existing Figma web-powered features here.

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