Personal touch patterns for better mobile UI design

Personal touch patterns for better mobile UI design
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As UI/UX design agency, Syndicode likes to dive into details and deliver the maximum information on the topic. Today we are going to explore how to use personal touch patterns for better mobile UI design. Read on!

So, how it works? When you try to write a message without typos during some ride, it can be inaccurate. Our touch offsets depend on body movements, thumbs prints, and other factors. The personal touch program explored many examples of such fingerprints and many factors that can influence the writing. Based on that the developers created personal touch patterns for better mobile UI design.

According to Daniel Buschek, collected data reveals several interesting details:

  1. Reaching matters even for index fingers: Users usually tend to minimize the efforts of reaching movements.
  2. Utilize focus areas for accuracy-demanding tasks: For that, you need a stylus.
  3. Stylus vs finger appeared to be not as simple as it was thought: That means here you need to support both finger and stylus input.
  4. Touch offset patterns are individual,  like user’s fingerprints.
  5. Offset models allow building GUIs that can “improve”, according to the user’s individuality.
  6. Offset models tend to simulate touch input for guiding UI design, so we can know the placement and size of GUI elements.

Read more details here.

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