Test Driven Development matters

Test Driven Development matters
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As dedicated professionals, Syndicode team cares about the quality of the product we develop. If you have read 5 software development lessons from Stephen McLean you could like today’s’ topic. And if you didn’t, you will like it too. So, in both ways, it’s worth considering. And you know why? Because Test Driven Development matters… 

TDD stands for Test Driven Development. The whole process looks like this:

  1. Writing implementation code.
  2. Watching the test fail.
  3. Writing the implementation code and watch the test pass.
  4. Refactoring if needed.

The point is not how long it takes to type this code. The point is how long it takes to debug it if something goes wrong. The reason for using TDD is that unit tests force you to test components in isolation from each other, and from I/O. Given some input, the unit under test should produce some known output. If it doesn’t, the test fails. If it does, it passes. The key is that it should do so independent of the rest of the application. When you test state logic, you need to test it without rendering anything to the screen or saving anything to a database. When you test UI rendering, you need to test it without loading the page in a browser or hitting the network.

Find more in this great material.

Btw, code quality equally matter as for generic software so as for custom one. But, when you ask for a custom software development, you can control the way it is done and claim the guarantee and a proper maintenance.

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