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Syndicode’s experience in Node.js development allows our fullstack engineers to tailor projects specifically for our clients and create digital products that fill their needs.

NodeJS development in Syndicode

As a custom software development company from Ukraine, over the years, Syndicode’s team of dedicated engineers has been accumulating expertise in building custom software products and solutions.

We provide complex custom software development services for different industries. When we say about Node.js development we usually mean creating fast and scalable applications (from SPA to web portals and facility management) and server-side applications with JavaScript. This framework is equally good for frontend and backend.

What is special about Node.js

Node.js is a JS environment designed for building applications. This platform is fast, light, scalable, modern and is built for executing code. It gains traction faster than any other technology and is in the list of the most popular developer skills. It’s also important that developers can use Node.js while doing parallel and functional programming. They just need to add necessary libraries. It’s one of the most leading development platforms with more than 7 million online instances that recently celebrated its 10th birthday. Node comes with its own APIs for backend development.

Node.js development provided by Syndicode gives you the next advantages:

  • With NodeJs we design real-time apps very fast
  • Node makes possible to code in JavaScript from both sides: the client’s and the server’s
  • The productivity is high as the Node Package Manager can ensure our developers with multiple tools and modules to use
  • The execution of code in Node.js is lightning fast
  • Node suits perfectly for microservices and other similar solutions for enterprise applications
  • Node.js has support in 34 languages

Some disadvantages of Node.js programming are:

  • The API isn’t always stable –  but Syndicode always makes sure for the use of stable version
  • Node.js can’t provide the availability of many libraries – so Syndicode checks all the compliance risks right after discovery session and setting tech requirements before starting the project
  • Its workflow is usually prescribed in a way that it’s hard to develop a framework of your own design pattern – we consider that and you can be sure that the engineering mindset of Syndicode developers leaves no chance for an issue like that

Who is using NodeJS in 2019 and why?

There are many great companies and services which use Node.js for server-side processing and more. According to NodeJS Foundation, Node.js is frequently used by 98% of the fortune 500 companies.

Among them:

  1. Netflix
    Netflix is one of the world’s largest online media streaming providers. Every day it delivers more than 7 billion hours of videos to 50 million customers in 60 countries. The company was using Java but also switched to Node.js for many reasons: 
    – The framework offers a common language for the server and browser sides.
    – The great performance of Node.js. 
    – The modules of Node.js are mainly open-source.
    – It’s easier for building a single-page application.
    – To note the effect, Node.js developers use the TTI metric – the time between app startup and user interaction.
  2. Trello
  3. Linkedin
    The well-known business networking company whose development team switched to Node.js as its performance offered many advantages: 
    – Better performance, the tested speed up to 20x faster and lower memory in comparison to other options.
    – The developers could use their JavaScript skills.
    – The possibility of uniting frontend and backend mobile teams into one.
    – Servers were cut to 3 from 30.
    – More focus on focus on application development than firefighting.
  4. Paypal
    One of the first companies that started using Node.js. A primary reason was to handle the 100% Business Availability. The main advantage of using the framework was that the application was created two times faster than it was created with other frameworks. The Node.js programmers needed less code to do the same job they did with Java.
  5. eBay
    The e-commerce company chose Node.js because of real-time application possibilities. Having more than 170 million active users, eBay app needed the ability to maintain live connections to servers. The technical principle of eBay sounds like “Build once, deploy everywhere and automate the rest”. Now the company is switched to the full-featured stack on Node.js. 
  6. Uber
    Uber’s mobile app is also built with Node.js, so the data processing capabilities of Node.js became a very profitable solution for the company. Uber highlighted three main reasons for using Node.js:
    – It processes large amounts of data very quickly
    – The error analysis system is very convenient
    – The open-source community enables constant technology improvements
  7. Mozilla
  8. Medium
  9. NASA

What else to add? Huge corporations support this technology, and that proves it has a future. Wouldn’t be odd to add, NodeJS development by Syndicode is great to maintain incredibly complex and heavy-loaded infrastructures. Outsource Node.js development in Syndicode!

NodeJS best practices 

There exist many Node.js frameworks and all of them have their pros and cons, as well as features to take into consideration. Here in Syndicode we constantly monitor and master our skills with different Node.js frameworks.

Syndicode experience allows us to work with Node.js using its best practices. For example, Node.js apps rely often on non-blocking I/O. If there is a CPU utilization, it may mean that a lot of synchronous work is hogging the CPU and blocking the thread. Fixing CPU intensive code is the first thing we do to increase the performance of your Node.js server.

Hiring Node.js developers in Ukraine

While there are many benefits of working with Ukrainian software development providers, the main reasons why you should choose us are:

  1. Price
    Hiring Node.js developers in Ukraine will cost you cheaper than hiring a specialist from the UK, the US or Australia. Why? Taxes, regulations and local level of expenses. Living in Ukraine will cost your developers less than living in western or central Europe. But the living conditions, food, infrastructure, and banking system are very good.
    Find our rates for software development here.
  2. Skills
    It is proven that Ukrainian developers are very skilled and motivated. They absorb new technologies and trends, master their skills to make outstanding software solutions and compete on the international level. They are self-motivated and very responsible. So as developers in Syndicode. 

 Syndicode works in two engagement models:

Syndicode will provide you with a dedicated team of skilled NodeJS engineers or even with a single developer with proper expertise and level in Node.js development. Specialists working under an outsourcing contract have a flexible schedule and work on their territory. By performing work under the outstaffing contract, employees are subject to the customer’s employment schedule, usually, have their jobs on the customer’s premises and have job descriptions.
Explore the differences between IT outsourcing and outstaffing models.

In this engagement model, Syndicode will take full responsibility for developing your product. Our engineers, designers, and managers will go through all of the custom software development lifecycles and provide you with clear specifications, timely implementation, caring support and 24/7 maintenance.

As NodeJS development company, Syndicode assures you in the TOP quality of your Node.js app, its timely delivery, and professional maintenance. If you’re interested in hiring NodeJS engineers to contribute to your project or have an idea for the development from scratch – contact Syndicode!

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