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Syndicode’s experience in React.js development allows our fullstack engineers to tailor projects specifically for our clients and create digital products that fill their needs.

ReactJS development in Syndicode

As a custom software development company from Ukraine, over the years, Syndicode’s team of dedicated engineers has been accumulating expertise in building custom software products and solutions.

We provide complex custom software development services for different industries. When we say about React.js development we usually mean creating outstanding user interfaces, reusable UI components, and SPAs, handling views for web and mobile applications. This frontend JS library is one of the most popular among developers nowadays. Before React, they were stuck creating UIs by hand or with less UI-focused React predecessors like jQuery. But then, Facebook created React.js specifically to improve UI development. And thanks to this, time to development was much reduced, and errors along with bugs were met rarely.

What is special about React.js?

React.js is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries for designing User Interfaces (UIs) that was released in 2013 by Facebook. With its help, we can create fast single-page applications or websites. React makes use of virtual DOM that helps it to integrate with any application. It also adopts JSX to structural components and helps to develop more SEO friendly web pages as compared to other JS libraries.

React.js development provided by Syndicode gives you the next advantages:

  1. ReactJS provides quicker web development no matter the project’s scale
  2. This library has powerful server-side communication through hooks
  3. It’s easy to learn: React’s syntax is simple but involves a lot of HTML writing skills.
  4. React can also be easily integrated with other libraries.
  5. React provides total separation of data and presentation layers.
  6. React uses the Virtual DOM that helps in updating and rewriting code processes. This technology makes a webpage faster and easier for changes.
  7. React uses JSX, a domain-specific language, which means that we need to transform our code with JSX in order to get regular JavaScript, otherwise browsers won’t understand our code.
  8. Reactive and Component Structure allows using independent, reusable code blocks that can divide the UI into smaller pieces.

Moreover, Syndicode’s React.js frontend development is great in terms of:

  • Tooling. React has a third-party CLI tool – create-react-app. It is used by Syndicode to accelerate the application development, to add scripts, and install necessary dependencies.
  • Flexibility. There is no state management here, as React router is a third-party package.
  • Mobile development. React Native use native components that have bindings in JS and are wrapped in React.
  • Component approach. ReactJS implements the component approach of having one file for one component. Syndicode creates our own components and makes them accessible to others.
  • Performance. To reach its fantastic performance Syndicode makes sure to master our skills in React every day.
  • State management. Here Syndicode uses Redux.
  • Development speed and cost. We are a Ukrainian React development company, who guarantees a reasonable price for hi-quality professional and timely development.

With ReactJS Syndicode developers build responsive, dynamic, mobile-friendly, interactive, and SEO friendly UIs. You use React applications every day without even knowing about it. Because those React apps we are talking about are…

Who is using ReactJS in 2019 and why?

Here you’ll find the list of world-famous ReactJS apps you use every day.

  1. Facebook
    It’s the place where ReactJS was born. They have a webpage that is built with React, as well as the script in the application code. For the mobile app, they use its version, React Native which is used for displaying the iOS and Android native components.
  2. Instagram
    It’s completely based on ReactJS with such features as geolocations, Google Maps APIs, search engine accuracy and tags that pop out without hashtags.
  3. Netflix
    Quoting one of the UI engineers at Netflix: “Our decision to adopt React was influenced by a number of factors, most notably: 1) startup speed, 2) runtime performance and 3) modularity”.
  4. New York Times
    One of their project’s interface was built in React. It allows users to filter the gallery of different photos in a new way.
  5. Yahoo! Mail
    The developers had to switch to React.js because of the Facebook ownership and their reasons were the implementation of one-way reactive data flow, the use of Virtual DOM for server-side rendering, ability to code in Javascript.
  6. WhatsApp
    The famous messenger uses React.js for building user interfaces from Facebook
  7. Codecademy
    Codeacademy developers claim that React is a lightweight, powerful, battle-tested library.
  8. Dropbox
    They switched to ReactJS over a year ago when the library became so popular. But digging deeper, the scope of the reasons made Dropbox switch to React includes the use of React components, Virtual DOM and that fact that React.js provides fully backward compatible upgrades.

ReactJS best practices by Syndicode

When Syndicode works on React.js project we follow the next guidelines which proved their efficiency:

  • Splitting the Reducer code into smaller methods
  • Using TypeScript in the applications
  • Using the create-react-app generator for the ReactJS app.
  • Avoiding to have large classes, methods or components
  • Applying event synchronizer, such as Redux-Thunk
  • Using ReactJS defaultProps and ReactJS propTypes
  • Keeping the jslint configuration file
  • Using ES6 de-structuring for the props
  • Using conditional rendering
  • Using partial components
  • Naming event handlers with handle prefixes
  • Applying JEST to test the ReactJS code.

Hiring React.js developers in Ukraine

While there are many benefits of working with Ukrainian software development providers, the main reasons why you should choose us are:

  1. Price
    Hiring React.js developers in Ukraine will cost you cheaper than hiring a specialist from the UK, the US or Australia. Why? Taxes, regulations and local level of expenses. Living in Ukraine will cost your developers less than living in western or central Europe. But the living conditions, food, infrastructure, and banking system are very good.
    Find our rates for software development here.
  2. Skills
    It is proven that Ukrainian developers are very skilled and motivated. They absorb new technologies and trends, master their skills to make outstanding software solutions and compete on the international level. They are self-motivated and very responsible. So as developers in Syndicode. 

 Syndicode works in two engagement models:

Syndicode will provide you with a dedicated team of skilled ReactJS engineers or even with a single developer with proper expertise and level in React.js development. Specialists working under an outsourcing contract have a flexible schedule and work on their territory. By performing work under the outstaffing contract, employees are subject to the customer’s employment schedule, usually, have their jobs on the customer’s premises and have job descriptions.
Explore the differences between IT outsourcing and outstaffing models.

In this engagement model, Syndicode will take full responsibility for developing your product. Our engineers, designers, and managers will go through all of the custom software development lifecycles and provide you with clear specifications, timely implementation, caring support and 24/7 maintenance.

As ReactJS development company, Syndicode assures you in the TOP quality of your React.js app, its timely delivery, and professional maintenance. If you’re interested in hiring ReactJS engineers to contribute to your project or have an idea for the development from scratch – contact Syndicode!

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