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  • Niche Focus
    Ruby on Rails

    5 years ago, a small group of Ruby engineers formed our Ruby on Rails Development company. Now we have scaled in 20 times.

  • Full-Cycle Software

    For the last 2 years, 85 of 100 projects delivered by Syndicode entailed full-cycle software development services.

  • Transparent

    9/10 projects are either managed by our PM or directly by the client. Transparent reporting keeps up-to-date in a real-time mode.

  • Efficient Teams of
    Senior Engineers

    in RoR development, we have 50 engineers who form the best Ruby on Rails development team in Ukraine.

They have delivered according to the plan, so I can only recommend them as Ruby on Rails professionals.
Sergiej Rewiakin

Sergiej Rewiakin
 CTO at CleanAgents (
Syndicode team allowed me to focus on client management while knowing that all my dev needs will be handled.
Ilona Kaplunov
Ilona Kaplunov Principal at BlueAppDesign
On each development stage, we had a complete understanding of processes. It helped us plan business activities.
Mick O'Dwyer
Mick O’Dwyer CEO at SwiftComply
We looked for a team of great engineers and came across Syndicode. They helped us bring our ideas to life.
Andreea Cocor
Andreea Cocor Project Manager at HLPRS

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Let’s discuss your next project

Ruby on Rails Development Team

  • Kirill Danilevsky
    Kirill Danilevsky Team Lead
  • Ruslan Kotsiuruba
    Ruslan Kotsiuruba Ruby Developer
  • Eugene Zaidenberg
    Eugene Zaidenberg Ruby Developer
  • Andrey Makovenko
    Andrey Makovenko Ruby Developer

Development Process with Syndicode

  1. Scope and Functionality

    We define the business model, internal logic, functional specifications, non-functional requirements, performance criteria, and financial KPIs. Before starting to work on the product, we evaluate the objectives. At Syndicode, we create an action plan and follow it.

  2. Defining Product Specifications

    We create a software specification document describing the scope of software, user requirements, system requirements, functional and non-functional aspects of the product, evaluation criteria. This document also defines the terminology used in the project and the primary methodologies.

  3. Deploy & Maintenance

    After the deployment, Syndicode supports clients with software maintenance. It refers to a continuation of the collaboration with the client to improve, modify and update software products after delivery to correct faults and improve performance.

  4. Architecture Creation

    After we made sure to understand the requirements, it’s time to choose the architecture. We analyze the requirements from SRS, the needs of the target audience, budget, and time constraints. The goal is to select an architecture that fits your business model like a glove. For us, it means scalability, security, isolation, codebase maintenance, and performance. So, Syndicode developers work out the theoretical framework first and then translate it to system architecture.

  5. Product design and front-end development

    The external design is built together with technical architecture. Designers, developers, and architects cooperate in developing practical and powerful solutions. We present our clients with multiple interface screens, describe user personas, typical behavior, define roles in the system. At this stage, you have a working architecture and ready interface.

  6. Backend and Database Software Development Services

    We write the internal logic, algorithms, APIs for the underlying functionality of the website. Our priority is to integrate databases, assure the seamless flow of information, respond to interactions, and events. At this stage, the team creates a fully working solution, capable of accepting requests, processing payments, providing services, connecting users, etc.

  7. Testing

    Our manual and automated testers create use cases, scripts, and scenarios that predict users’ actions. We continuously interact with the software, find and fix technical issues, and optimize the functionality. Developers cooperate – they improve features, remove redundant functionality, and expand the crucial one.

  8. Deployment and Maintenance

    Syndicode’s team are specialists in DevOps, continuous deployment and integration, automation, and automated deployment. We know how to set up algorithms for constant software updates, ensure correct implementation, and test the final performance.

Technical side of Ruby on Rails

Productivity is one of the main goals

and objectives of the Ruby programming language and its Ruby on Rails framework, which became the top choice among programmers. This set of web application components within the MVC architecture (Model-View-Controller) also enables ready-made integration with server applications and an interface for accessing the database. Productivity allows Ruby on Rails development services providers to solve more complex problems in less amount of time.

Engineers from our Ruby on Rails development agency

pay great tribute to the pure Ruby syntax, which is easily readable and clear. This allows quickly and comfortably write application logic, which is crucial from the business viewpoint. Using RoR, it is possible to find modules for almost any issue — from integration with social networks and third-party services to ready-made e-commerce platforms or two-sided & three-sided online marketplaces. With Ruby on Rails web development, it is effortless and quick to create unique and technically complex projects that go beyond standard solutions.

Rails represents a real revolution in web development

Companies like Heroku, New Relic, GitHub, or AirBnB owe this framework their success. Most libraries of Shopify (shopify api, shopify app, shopify co) are also written in Ruby and Rails.

RoR gives programmers

extensive opportunities for writing high-performing code faster. Ruby libraries for working with text, data, and arrays are powerful and intuitive. Blocks in Ruby are unique and present the useful abstractions of higher-order functions. Ruby on Rails development is also widely applied for building migrations in Domain-Specific Languages (DSL).

Recent release of Rails 6

introduced new core components, multi-database support, parallel testing, and a new bootloader that “sends history” to the famous auto-rake. Rails framework makes development as clear as possible from the very start of the project to the deployment. It offers the variety of approaches and implementations for writing tests: RSpec, MiniTest and more.

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