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We keep on publishing our series of articles about online marketplace development. Now you know a lot of things should be done to build your custom product, you’ve read the main advantages and features of online marketplaces and saw world-famous examples of Rails marketplaces. But the main question of how much it will cost you to develop your custom marketplace is still unclear. And we decided to calculate an online marketplace development cost for you. 

In our previous article 13 major features of online marketplace we got the extra mile and collected for you the most important things you should consider when creating an online marketplace. Taking them into account we can calculate the approximate time and cost for their implementation. Of course, many things depend on your market niche, your clients and vendors. But still, ballpark numbers for Ruby on Rails marketplace development are here:

  1. Design of user interface – from 30 to 40 hours
  2. Database web application design and deployment scripts – from 20 to 30 hours
  3. Authorization and security – from 60 to 70 hours
  4. User and publisher profiles functionality – from 70 to 80 hours
  5. Listings’ functionality – from 160 to 170 hours
  6. Booking process – from 60 to 70 hours
  7. Payment and Payout functionality – from 80 to 90 hours
  8. Reviews and rating functionality – from 60 to 70 hours
  9. Notifications functionality – from 20 to 30 hours
  10. Browsing content functionality – from 80 to 90 hours

So with Ruby on Rails marketplace development, it could take about 690 hours to build your own marketplace from scratch. And in minimum terms, you can receive the working product in 3-4 months.

And what about costs? We provide this information out in the open.

Due to the research, Ukrainian specialists are the cheapest ones among other high-rated professionals. We can do the same as USA specialists do, but ten times cheaper. And that is a huge advantage for your business.

Keep in mind that using Ruby on Rails you have a lot of libraries that save time not to invent a bicycle.

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