Ruby on Rails web development services

The team of dedicated software engineers of Syndicode provides Ruby on Rails web development services since 2014. We value professionalism and innovations, loyalty and honesty. If you dare to create something great and challenging, we’ll help you become a leader in your field. From building new products on the web to reducing workload and integrating business processes – Syndicode is the team to trust.

Web development is a process of creating websites and web apps (and API) for hosting via the internet. Web development includes programming, markup, and design. The web development process includes also web content development, client-side/server-side scripting, and network security configuration, among other tasks.

Custom web development provided in Syndicode means that you will get exclusive and functional web product of outstanding quality, that is regularly updated and maintained 24/7, developed at a reasonable price and with a defined timeframe

Syndicode’s Ruby on Rails web development expertise

We create websites and web applications for logistics, e-commerce, marketing, fintech, education, healthcare, residential cleaning and other industries you can think about. 

As a web application development company, we’ve done many tailor-made web solutions for startups and enterprises. The most frequent were:

When we say web development, we mean also web design and infrastructure. These are the related services that are usually included in the web development process. 

Syndicode Ruby on Rails web development services

As a strong web development partner, Syndicode is ready to provide you with the next web development services:

  • Technology consulting with the help of business analysis and discovery session
  • IT infrastructure and software architecture that will help us foresee the needed scalability and future updates
  • Appealing and functional UI/UX design for websites and web applications
  • Initial web development services with Ruby on Rails, React.js, Node.js and PHP
  • Quality assurance you can read more about in our material with 18 questions frequently asked by Syndicode clients
  • Project management
  • Codebase migration that allows your product to become compatible with the latest technologies and requirements
  • Quality software maintenance

Every step we take – you have complete control over.

Value for the clients. What Syndicode guarantees about web development

The three main things you will find about Syndicode when working together are:

a). Transparency

  1. Time tracking
    Jira where we can create online reports anytime you need them
    Slack channel for easy access to all managers and developers
  2. Direct communication
    – You can talk to a developer on a daily basis without extra middlemen
    – You will have a sync meeting with your team or project manager anytime you need it
    – You will have a personal project manager who will be responsible for all the development and design processes
  3. Payment policy
    When? How? What for? With Syndicode you know when exactly you should pay – we provide you with the detailed payment schedule supported by detailed reports on the progress.
  4. Escalation policy
    When it comes to hypothetical issues which might appear during the development or design processes, Syndicode provides you with a clear escalation policy. This policy tells you whom to apply in case of a particular issue.  Escalation policy is made up of levels that allow you to escalate incident notifications to different users and/or on-call schedules in the case that no one responds. There are three levels escalation policy has in Syndicode: PM (project manager), team lead or developer, CEO. 

b). Professionalism and flexibility

Regardless of the purpose of your product and the industry you apply it to, Syndicode is here to find the best solution to develop a high-class website or a web application. We’re always aware of the latest news and trends about web development and are ready to implement them in your project. 

c). Loyalty

Here is a video testimonial from our client who hired Syndicode more than 3 years ago and is still enjoying the collaboration with Syndicode’s dedicated software development team.

David-Benjamin Brakha, Blackbell Co-founder & CEO

Reasons to hire Syndicode for web development

If you’re:

CTO who’s interested in outsourcing a development teamCEO who’s interested in developing a product on the web 
Syndicode will outsource or outstaff you web development dedicated engineers with strong soft and hard skillsSyndicode is ready to provide you with custom product development from scratch 
Our engineers will strengthen your team and save your time allowing you to concentrate on business goalsFullcycle web development professionals from Syndicode make sure to cover every aspect odevelopment, design, testing and maintenance
Explore the details and the process of hiring a dedicated web development teamExplore our custom software development process stages to see how we do web development (from analysis to reporting) in details 

The needs you might have are different but Syndicode is prepared to cover them all!

As custom web development service provider Syndicode guarantees 

  • Seamless communication
    Since 2014 we established highly responsive and transparent communication with our clients. This is possible because of our policy of the client-developer direct communication and flexibility with communication channels. 
  • Competitive prices
    As a Ukrainian web development company, Syndicode offers high-quality and cost-effective services at a lower price. This paradox explained in the article about why to hire Ukrainian software developers
  • Scaling up and down
    Regardless engagement model, as a flexible software development partner, Syndicode offers scaling up and down the number of developers across technologies.
  • Tech maturity
    Syndicode is a software development partner that offers a full-stack option. 
  • Agile methodology
    Being Agile means that we are highly focused on development processes. The agile developers form self-organizing teams and produce prototypes as fast as possible.
  • Mode of communication
    Syndicode is flexible in choosing communication tools and reporting criteria, so you are free to suggest the most convenient way for you.

Web development provided in Syndicode is always:

  1. Reliable
    We always ensure that your website code is bug-free and provide great value to users. Syndicode dedicated engineers always test every product we develop.
  2. Custom
    You are the person who tells about the needed options and features. You decide what and how should be implemented. From booking services and three-sided online marketplaces to CRMs and customized landing page generators – we can develop any type of website and web app.
  3. Secure 
    Ruby on Rails web development ensures security features are already built into the framework and enabled by default. When we use Rails we automatically following Secure Development Lifecycle.
  4. Appealing 
    UI (user interface) is a viable part of every product on the web. Syndicode knows everything about web design, visual design, graphic design, and branding and applies this knowledge to provide an outstanding design of your website and web app.
  5. Mobile-friendly 
    Nowadays most people browse the Internet with their smartphones. Additionally, Google says that mobile-friendly web pages will be shown at the top of the search. That means that optimizing your website or web app for mobile is a must. And Syndicode provides this optimization out of the box.
  6. Modern 
    We apply the latest innovations in software development to make sure your web product will be up-to-date. 
  7. Functional 
    Our UX designers know the key parts of user experience and make sure all the user needs are met.

The benefits of Ruby on Rails web development

As you saw above, here in Syndicode, we work with many different languages for backend development, but Ruby is our language of choice. We developed more than 100 projects in Ruby on Rails. We use Ruby on Rails (Ruby’s main framework) for most websites, online marketplaces, and web apps since 2014.  

Ruby on Rails backend development helps the workload become easier for software architects and developers through the collection of pre-packaged codes that make the development of the backend seamless and fast. It makes the entire programming a lot speedier and more profitable. As far as most businesses now want to get a web application, we compiled a list of the reasons why Rails is ideal for web app development.

Please explore the examples of the most famous web applications and websites built with Ruby. What all of them have in common? Using Rails in web apps and websites development:

  • allows you to launch faster
  • saves your money by using Ruby on Rails framework
  • helps you with maintaining and avoiding problems with stuff migration
  • makes your web product fast and safe
  • allows you to easily update your product with the latest functionality

Find more advantages of using Rails in web development. 

Talking about other technologies we use in web development, we choose:

  • Node.js because it is perfect for backend development of real-time and chat apps, workforce and facility management apps, web portals and field service apps. More about Node.js.
  • PHP is great for general website development and server-side scripting, as well as supporting WordPress and Drupal projects. Also, it supports a wide range of databases. 
  • React.js framework helps us to develop fast, scalable and simple user interfaces. We use it for stock trading and e-commerce solutions, web-based video conference apps, and other frontend services. React allows us to create large web applications that can change data without reloading the page. More about React.js.

Below you’ll find a detailed description for Syndicode’s web development tech stack.

Our web development tech stack

Custom web development requires different technologies. Since the web development process (as for websites so as for web apps) includes tens of processes, each has its own tech stack. 

Backend tech stack

Backend development handles the functionality of web products. You can’t see it on the screen but every interaction in the human-computer system is possible thanks to backend development. Backend development refers to the server side of development where you are primarily focused on how the site works. It is the code that manages user connections, connects the web to a database, and powers the website or web application itself.

In backend development we use:

  • Programming languages – Ruby, JavaScript, PHP
  • Server – Nginx
  • Frameworks – Ruby on Rails, Hanami, Sinatra, Node.js, Express
  • Databases – MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Solr, Redis, Mysql, Postgres, Neo4j

Frontend tech stack

Talking about frontend development we mean everything you can see on the screen. Look, feel and design – that are the 3 main parts generated by code for your digital product in frontend development. Frontend development is focused on the client side of development and responsible for seamless user experience.

In frontend development we use:

  • Libraries – React.js, Redux, Mobx, Apollo, GraphQL
  • Programming languages – JavaScript (ES5, ES6, etc.), Typescript
  • Markup – HTML5, CSS3

Infrastructure and DevOps

When providing infrastructure and DevOps, we use:

  • Configuration, DevOps – Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, Capistrano
  • Hosting – AWS, Heroku, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean

What is the purpose of infrastructure development and DevOps?

IT infrastructure development refers to the composite hardware, software, network resources and services required for the existence, operation and management of an enterprise IT environment.

DevOps is a software development and delivery process that emphasizes communication and collaboration between product management, software development, and operations professionals. 

Getting into details, DevOps engineer is Syndicode is responsible for:

  • Optimizing and automating the existing processes;
  • Building processes using the best up to date solutions;
  • Configuring web servers;
  • Automating the website deployment;
  • Set up backup.

Web design tools

If we talk about web design, we usually work with:

  • Sketch
  • Invision
  • Photoshop
  • Figma

Check our works on Behance and Dribbble to rate our approach and proficiency! 

Check out web development skills Syndicode has!

Web development process by Syndicode

The processes for website development and web app development are quite similar. The difference lies in the relative complication of web applications compared to websites. 

Summing up, we can describe the web development process as the following:

  1. Requirements are gathered during the discovery session
  2. Analysis
    At this stage, we understand the niche, business values and plans of our client. With the information received during the discovery session, and proper research, we define a tech stack and product’s features to be implemented.
  3. Wireframing
    A wireframe is a layout of a web page that demonstrates interface elements on key pages. While wireframing we design a web service at a structural level. This is the best way to establish the basic structure of a page before visual design and content is added. 
  4. Design
    After the basic elements are created and the client’s opinion is taken into account, we will include in our design all the necessary elements that are specified in the requirements. Ruby on Rails UI prototyping allows us to test the product intuitively and find bugs that might affect the user experience. Finally, we will make sure that the mockups reflect your company, your product, and the services that you are offering in the best way.
  5. Development
    Here come backend and frontend web development.
  6. Testing
    Here we provide software testing along with QA. Software testing is the process of checking developed software for any mistakes or bugs. This helps to validate and eventually verify the product as to whether it is ready for the market. QA (quality assurance) enhances the quality via improvement of the development process and testing enhances it via finding bugs.
  7. Launch
  8. Support
    This is a continuation of the collaboration with the client to improve, modify and update web product after delivery to correct faults and to improve performance.

Find the details about the Ruby on Rails web development processes here.

Examples of our work

hlprs – is an online marketplace developed by Syndicode from scratch. Here you can find an experienced service provider doesn’t matter if you need a gardener, handyman or a babysitter. Syndicode was responsible for backend and frontend development of the product’s website and mobile application. Also, we created a functional and appealing design to help users intuitively navigate through hlprs website.  

Senden24 is an instant delivery service in the last mile 1-hour delivery business. Syndicode provided the client with MVP marketplace development that included promo website, Android mobile app for courier, delivery service order web form for shops, and platform administration backend, with a modest budget in 2 months.   

InstaLinks is a service that provides you with a customized landing page (where you can collect links to all your profile pages from different resources) and a single, short link that you can use on Instagram and other social media sites. From scratch, Syndicode built Instalinks’ website and web application with a bunch of useful integrations and payment gateway.

HelloCare is Ruby on Rails online marketplace that brings families and single people with qualified everyday helpers and thereby supports them in their daily lives. Syndicode built it from scratch providing backend and frontend development. We also created a functional and appealing design, web-based client and helper accounts with various integrations, and platform administration backend.

Kinderlime is the timesaving software for daycare and afterschool that removes every operational burden from the school so parents can do what matters – spending more time with their children. Syndicode has joined the project to improve the service’s performance. We built a whole new scalable API for Kinderlime website and mobile apps, updated the admin panel functionality and helped to improve Kinderlime website design by making it more appealing and functional.

Woobra is a two-sided marketplace platform written in Ruby on Rails to bring together suppliers to sourcing buyers all over the world. The platform has the listing of suppliers, their products and special deals with categories, countries, and basic descriptions. All the backend and frontend development for Woobra is done from scratch by Syndicode. The design was also created by our talented UI/UX designers.

Revostate is an online marketplace that revolutionizes real estate. It provides everything you need to sell your home at a fraction of the cost of a traditional agent. Syndicode developed this website from scratch  – backend, frontend and deploy, functional and attractive design and integration with monitoring tools. Currently, we’re still working on Revostate.

Web development cost by Syndicode. What is the price of web development in Ukraine?

First of all, in Ukraine you can save up to 50% of your budget on software development simply because hiring software developers in Ukraine will cost you much cheaper than hiring a specialist from the UK, the US or Australia. Why? Taxes, regulations and local level of expenses. Living in Ukraine will cost your developers less than living in western or central Europe. But the living conditions, food, infrastructure, and banking system are very good.

Getting down to business, Syndicode works in two engagement models:

Syndicode will provide you with a dedicated team of skilled engineers or even with a single developer with proper expertise and level in website development. Specialists working under an outsourcing contract have a flexible schedule and work on their territory. By performing work under the outstaffing contract, employees are subject to the customer’s employment schedule, usually, have their jobs on the customer’s premises and have job descriptions.

In this case, the cost of working on your project will have the price is as simple as salary + taxation + profit margin + office overhead. 

Team extension has two models to sign a contract about – explore the differences between IT outsourcing and IT outstaffing models.

In this engagement model, Syndicode will take full responsibility for developing your product. Our engineers, designers, and managers will go through all of the custom software development lifecycles and provide you with clear specifications, timely implementation, caring support and 24/7 maintenance.

In this case, the cost of custom web development will depend on a project’s complexity and can be estimated with our hourly rates.

How to start Ruby on Rails web development with Syndicode?

Getting professional web development services has never been easier!  

  1. You have to write to us via or just submit the form on the contacts page.
  2. Describe your ideas and share some examples of similar services for us to make a primary evaluation and estimation. 
  3. If the preliminary estimate meets your budget and expectations, we sign an NDA and together with you we run a discovery session to create a spec of technologies and define a timeframe. If we don’t have a needed specialist yet, we search for this person, hire and make sure he or she will perform the best qualities. No additional cost for recruitment is charged.
  4. We sign a contract and agree on communication channels and reporting form and frequency, define main milestones and iterations. 
  5. We develop a great website or web application for you!

Got a project? Let's discuss it!

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