Hiring dedicated team fears and myths

Hiring dedicated team fears and myths
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If you are running your own business, get ready to face the reality with its unexpected ups and downs, easy tasks and unexplored challenges. Admit the fact – without software development, your business is not going to fly. And sometimes you have to choose outsourcing or outstaffing options. And it’s natural that you have some prejudices of letting the other team working for you, not knowing the possible risks and interaction within the development team. That’s why we want to share with you some information on hiring dedicated team fears and myths and how to overcome these difficulties. 

It’s natural that hiring a dedicated team of software developers is a necessary stage to successful product delivery. But before stepping into this unknown territory you’ve got to explore it thoroughly. We’d like you to take a tour on hiring dedicated team fears and myths.

Hidden costs?

All of the hiring expenses aim to find great engineers that would be valuable to the organization. And sometimes you are trying to find some hidden costs that expect you while working with an outstaffing team. Here there are points you need to take into account while choosing to work with a dedicated team of developers:

  • It is profitable to outsource your business to other countries where the taxes and salaries are lower.
  • Be prepared that it’s a time-consuming process as such partnership usually has a long-term ground.
  • Both sides need to ensure long-term guarantees.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to predict the quality of the services so take time to research the market and evaluate the quality risks.

Syndicode is a Ukrainian software development company which makes our services cheaper. At the same time, the quality of our software development is well-known all over the world. Syndicode has a huge experience in web and mobile development for different industries since 2014. To check this please explore our portfolio.

The price of working with Syndicode engineers is as simple as salary + taxation + profit margin + office overhead. No hidden costs.

Selecting the wrong vendor?

There are several key principles of how to choose your outsourcing partner for software development you wouldn’t regret. As a trusted software development partner to all of our clients, Syndicode gathered some of the main principles for choosing the right dedicated team. 

Here are the main factors that will help you in software development outsourcing:

  1. Direct access to developers. In most cases, project manager moderates the whole work that ensures transparent and quality development of the project.
    But we went further! In Syndicode, you have the open line communication that gives you direct access to your Syndicode developer. No misunderstandings and secrets. You know exactly what you developer is doing right now.
  2. Scale up and down. It’s good to have a partner who can scale up and down the number of developers across technologies.
    In Syndicode, it’s easy to hire as many developers as you need for a particular project.
  3. Tech maturity. The right choice will be to find a partner who offers a full-stack option.
    We do!
  4. Agile methodology. It works better because in this case, you can focus more on the development process. The agile developers form self-organizing teams and produce prototypes as fast as possible.
    Syndicode is Agile!
  5. Innovation. Choose a partner who has experienced best practices, has knowledge repositories and likes innovation.
    Moreover, choose a partner who knows how to embrace the latest innovations that can grow your business and save money!
  6. L&D. Choose a partner who invests in regular technical training to upgrade the skills.
    Apart from many events Syndicode supports and takes part in, we provide a ‘Thursday Speech’, when our developers share knowledge about working on their projects with the others. p.s. No NDA is violated!
  7. Mode of communication. Together with your outsourcing partner, you can select the communication tool of your choice.
    Slack, Skype, Trello, Asana and many others – we do communicate on your channel!

Choosing a partner who corresponds according to most of these criteria will ensure that you form an effective long-term partnership. If you’re in search of such a partner, we can assure you that Syndicode is the best choice for software development that meets all the requirements and ready to face the challenges of any project.

Skill gap between outsourced and local developers

It is proven that Ukrainian software developers are very skilled and motivated. They absorb new technologies and trends, master their skills to make outstanding software solutions and compete on the international level. They are self-motivated and very responsible.

If you consider whether you should outsource development overseas or hire a developer, it really depends on the project and your situation. If you can easily relay technical requirements, that may be the best solution.

From our experience of working with Ukrainians developers, we can assure that it’s worth hiring them. And we are not the only one who thinks this. More than 100 representatives in the Fortune 500 list of the most successful companies in the world are loyal customers of Ukrainian IT business.

Today we can be confident in one thing. Ukraine is extremely popular as a software outsourcing destination and its IT industry is continuing to show a fantastic growth rate. The statistics and data collected from different resources as well as our experience, show that Ukrainian software developers are highly in demand internationally, they have excellent development skills, they learn new programming languages very fast, they are incredibly motivated.

Moreover, Ukrainian developers are twice better in terms of quality, additional expenses, and the timeframe. They know English very well and are experts in knowing culture differences. This can be explained by high competition in the market. It happened so, that Ukrainian developers are pro-active and most of them obtain large skillset that helps them to solve any task no matter the complexity.

If you are considering the possibility of software outsourcing, Ukraine can be a great choice in terms of software quality and the costs involved.

And all of the qualities shown above make Ukrainian developer a highly professional and dedicated specialist. There is no need to worry about a gap between outsourced and local developers. Syndicode can prove this!


If we talk about security, IT infrastructure architecture is one of the stages and activities we need to apply for successful application deployments. There are no doubts, that IT infrastructure heavily affects the performance, availability, and (most of all!) security of software applications. Moreover, it helps to reduce the development cost and properly manage your apps.

Like any software development company, Syndicode uses its IT infrastructure for both inner purposes and developing business solutions for our customers. We apply all the best practices for infrastructure architecture available nowadays:

  • cloud-first,
  • containers,
  • virtualized platforms,
  • reusability.

And there is a risk that a cloud infrastructure might cause security issues when all of your data become available to other users of a public cloud service provider. But this is just a myth. Because no trusted software development company will ever let this happen. Syndicode knows how crucial the setup of the cloud is. And we are aware of the real value of the client’s data. We can build you a modern, reliable, scalable and secure infrastructure!

The other concern that implies security issues is tech stack that might be affected by numerous security vulnerabilities. But here in Syndicode, we cover every part of our work with tests. Also, we stand for Ruby on Rails development that ensures security features are already built into the framework and enabled by default. When you use RoR you automatically following Secure Development Lifecycle.

Besides, Syndicode always works with tons of different documents our developers and our clients should be signing before the actual work start. An NDA (non-disclosure agreement)  – a legal contract between two parties to keep confidential information secret and not misuse the information without consent – is one of those documents. This part covers the security of information.

Read about the conditions, requirements and tools you can sign an NDA with – in our material about tips for startups on who, when, why and how can sign an NDA.

Work with Syndicode will always be secure!

Fear that competitors will hire the same team

Employers are naturally keen to hire the best developers and sometimes they have a fear that someone else wants to hire the same team. But here we have one advice for you –  give your employees their freedom. You’ve hired the best, so trust them and let them do their best while they agreed to work for you. You can create the best environment for them and there is no need to stand over them. Remember, that to be a great leader you need to be able to inspire your team.

Except for those questions we have already replied to, there are some other additional questions that reflect the potential client’s fears.

The most frequent fears are:

a) How can I be sure about the progress of my project when in the hands of a geographically distant remote team?

If you have a team of professionals their location will pay no difference. You’re unlikely can confirm that they are progressing by observing people at their desk. The process of the remote report is organized by you. So here you should have no problem knowing whether people are actually doing their work or no if you set up the right digital report system.

Most of Syndicode clients are located in the US and Western Europe. There is no problem in the connection and reporting. We make sure every Syndicode’s client feel convenient and be reported even about the smallest issue.

b) How can I ensure the tasks are performed in the way that they’re supposed to and everyone is following the same procedure?

Issue tracking and project management tools like Jira, Trello, and Basecamp can help remote team managers in minimizing operational risks. We use them in Syndicode. And again, we’re Agile!

c) What if a member of the remote team gets sick or goes on vacation? How does the work continue to progress?

When you start a project, get everyone on board and explain your communication policy and ask team members to share their availability with each other. This will help to understand the physical situation more clear from the beginning.

In any work there are challenges. But even little things such as allowing a home-office setup, or providing paid leaves can make a difference to how your remote team works. Trying to proactively encourage your remote team helps you in building a good and productive workforce that will benefit your business.

At Syndicode we are building strong relationships with our clients by showing all the stages of our work transparent and bringing great results. We also try to answer all the client’s questions and reduce all possible fears.

Yes, there are risks of IT outstaffing (and outsourcing). But they appear only if your software development team is not considered as a reliable partner. And Syndicode offers you one of the best dedicated software development teams in Ukraine!

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