Dedicated Software Development Team

Running your business is not an easy task and you always have to be prepared for new difficulties. What is even more difficult is to set a game plan for new fields and cutting-edge technologies. And without software development, your business is not going to fly. That’s why we want to share with you some information on how to overcome this modern challenges and raise the bar with the help of dedicated software development team.

Obvious that you are familiar with the question of IT outstaffing. Because not every company is able to develop a product. And surely you know outstaffing advantages. So we will not spend the time to name them for you. Instead, we will start with the elephant in the room – the major problems of outstaffing:

  • High attrition of developers and consultants
  • Developers lack familiarity with your business
  • Needs formal specs for fixed price project
  • Talking to the intermediary managers
  • Limited feedback along the project
  • Low engagement of offshore team
  • Hidden costs
  • Complex pricing and conditions

That are risks of IT outstaffing. But they appear only if your software development team is not considered as a reliable partner. And Syndicode offers you one of the best dedicated software development teams in Ukraine!

Puzzles with software development

1. Where to get lacking major tech skills?

We know that you want to work with dedicated software teams that have a proven reputation, and that has continued a commitment to providing excellent service. In every stage, our competence can provide you with the assurance of being able to yield the best outcomes. We have one of the most skilled dedicated development teams in Ukraine. So the place to find lacking major tech skills is here, in Syndicode.

Syndicode constantly monitors tech news and updates:

  • Most popular monthly Rails repositories
  • Most popular JS repositories on GitHub

2. How to fit the scope to limited budget?

This question is a no-brainer.

Outstaffing scheme is a guarantee that you only pay for the time that dedicated developers with needed tech skills spend on your project. The number of your software development team members and their specialization can vary depending on your needs. The whole team with designers and Project Manager or developers only, – you choose, but we can consult you relying on our experience and implemented projects. See and decide what you paying for and reduce unnecessary expenses.

3. How to reduce time to market?

Together we can consider the best technologies that will speed up the development of your project. At the same time, when the process is already set but your plans changed we can meet the new deadline quietly with an extra developer or whole remote team. Flexibility is the main advantage of IT outstaffing by Syndicode.

4. How to unleash internal force for higher tasks?

Our development team provide all the conditions for your dedicated team to be productive with your project. From the other side, we provide all the necessary facilities, human resources, payroll and individual services to all our clients, ensuring our most effective partnership. That means you can focus on higher tasks and not to worry about software development.

5. How to mitigate human resource risks?

With our software development team it’s not your headache anymore. We assure our clients that we will be able to take care of any project from the start to finish. First of all, this includes the question of human resources. We are proud of our development team and never had any doubts about its members. Go through the testimonials of our clients and find what they think about us.

6. Who can help with all this?

IT outstaffing is not about the lack of your in-house specialists, but about efficiency and financial gain. And about the proper expertise provided by dedicated software teams. To understand that point better you can read our material about Marketplace Application Checklist.

Depending on your needs and requirements, here in Syndicode we will provide professionals with relevant knowledge and skill set to ensure your project receives the maximum attention at the required level.

Solution – Dedicated software development team

Reasons for software development team are clear. And now let’s highligh what it will eventualy means:

  • You participate in recruitment process and make final decision
  • You decide on the salary
  • Each developer is only for you
  • Micro manage as you want or only make decisions
  • We take all the hassle and what is not covered by you

It is your dedicated software development team!

Hiring dedicated software engineers in Ukraine

Syndicode works with clients and partners from all over the world. So we know how different it is to build a software development team in different countries. Somewhere it is hard to find a specialist with the proper level of knowledge and skills. Somewhere else it is too expensive because of the local rates. And in other places, it might cost you additional taxes. In this case, a startup/business owner is forced to put all the collected funds on the development with no further marketing or promotion. That is how the procedures stretch in time leaving to chance for the fast product launch.

But here, in Ukraine, these are not problems. Syndicode will tell you how to build a software development team with the top-rated dedicated engineers spending the cost that will not tighten your belt. We run a discovery session with our future client or partner and create a spec with all needed technologies, requirements and milestones. If we don’t have the needed specialist yet, we search for this person, hire and make sure that he or she will show the best qualities while working on the project. No additional cost for recruitment is charged. You can call it a custom software outsourcing.

There are 4 main benefits of why to hire software developers in Ukraine.

Why hire Ukrainian software developers. Syndicode

However, sometimes all the specialists you need are already gathered together. And all you have to do is hire a team. Syndicode will tell you how to hire dedicated software development team.

How to hire dedicated software development team?

  1. Direct access to developers 
    In most cases, project manager moderates the whole work that ensures transparent and quality development of the project. Here in Syndicode, we stand for direct communication with the developers.
  2. Scale up and down
    It’s good to have a partner who can scale up and down the number of developers across technologies.
  3. Tech maturity
    The right choice will be to find a partner who offers a full-stack option. Like Syndicode does.
  4. Agile methodology
    It works better because in this case, you can focus more on the development process. The agile developers form self-organizing teams and produce prototypes as fast as possible.
  5. Innovation
    Choose a dedicated development partner who has experienced best practices, has knowledge repositories and likes innovation.
  6. L&D (learning and development)
    Choose a partner who invests in regular technical training to upgrade the skills.
  7. Mode of communication
    Together with your outsourcing partner, you can select the communication tool of your choice.

This process is described in details in our material about choosing the right outsourcing partner for software development.

Our dedicated development team services are ideal for

  • Small to medium enterprise or startup
  • Technology and innovation is in the core
  • Modern product development
  • Resides in Europe
  • Communicates in English
  • Has experience of distributed teams

Dedicated teams will benefit for

There are 50+ different experts in our dedicated development team. We can provide you with the needed specialists or find and hire another ones according to your requirements.

  • CTO
  • Project Manager
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Architect
  • Lead Developer
  • Ruby on Rails Developer
  • Android Mobile Developer
  • iOS Mobile Developer
  • DevOps
  • QA Engineer

Syndicode skills. Your dedicated software development team

Syndicode is the place where talent meets challenges – this is our slogan. Find more about our core principles for specialists here. From here the benefits of our dedicated development team services are next:

  • Little to none attrition of team members
  • More personal relations
  • High team engagement
  • Simple pricing model
  • Lowest non-development overhead
  • Stable product development
  • Close process management
  • Specific mix of skills

Our projects

The best way to tell you about our experience is to show what we have already done.

Hellocare mobile app

HelloCare is an online marketplace. It brings together senior citizens, families and single people with qualified everyday helpers and thereby supports them in their daily lives. On start, HelloCare had no technical experts so we provided them with our dedicated software development team’ services. We proud to list our contributions. We developed:

  • Promo-site with two landing pages
  • Order workflow with recurring payments
  • Registration workflow with documents verification.
  • Web-based helper and client account
  • Helper mobile app to do business anywhere&anytime
  • Platform administration backend
  • Integrations to the various external system for payments, social logins, push notifications, emailing, etc.

HelloCare was the perfect example of dedicated software for companies we develop in Syndicode.

We founded HelloCare in 2016 and directly started working with Syndicode. In not even two months they built our platform that was already much more than an MVP. They kept all milestones according to our ambitious plan. Thanks to Syndicode we were able to transfer first learnings from our test phase directly into the product and even to create a mobile app to respond to the demands of our users.
Ketrin Pietschmann, CEO

With positive experience in working with Syndicode I have hired them once again to develop mobile and web app for Hellocare. Since it was not our first project, the day-to-day execution went super well. We have built an outstanding product in both web and mobile. Despite difficult market roll out and multiple changes in the feedback cycle. The team was going an extra mile to make all deliverables on time. The clients were particularly impressed by flat and adaptive design and simple and readable interface. Sergiej Rewiakin, CTO

Senden24 is an instant delivery service. It delivers for customers from shops with different delivery service providers be it a courier on a bike, taxi or express delivery companies. Our dedicated development team helped to create a minimal viable product to start operations in Berlin, Germany. With the client, we managed to develop senden24 product including:

  • promo website
  • android mobile app for courier
  • delivery service order web form for shops
  • platform administration backend
  • web and mobile design

The project timeline was only 2 months and the budget for development was claimed really modest. Additionally, we delivered JavaScript game to celebrate Easter and to support marketing efforts.

Senden24, instant delivery service, screen

Anton and his Team with Syndicode did a great job. We always got delivered high quality UX/UI and coding in time. We are very happy to have Syndicode as a partner.
Dr. Michael Debuschewitz, CEO & Founder

Movinga is a revolutionary marketplace. With Movinga anyone can relocate within Europe fast and easy. From our experience we can say that Movinga is a nice example of smart outsourcing. While they were gathering their own team we had been delivering our skilled software developers to their needs. In order to fast start Movinga product development while building up on-site team Syndicode provided 5 full-stack Ruby on Rails developers, 1 Front-end developer and 1 UX/Graphical designer. Our custom software development team have helped to create Movinga product with Ruby on Rails microservices architecture. We developed:

  • different microservices as API for consumers, providers and proxies
  • front-facing Ruby on Rails web apps
  • admin backends
  • mobile backend APIs
  • integrations with internal operational systems
  • design

Additionally we implemented HTML5/CSS3 javascript ”catch the drops” game as part of promo campaign of Movinga.

Ruby on rails microservices development of Movinga Product, Syndicode

Hotel Cloud is also a marketplace. It develops the platform to create e-concierge mobile apps for hotels and apartments rentals that enabled their guests to order any internal service. From our point of view, this project had pretty clear team extension. It can be taken as one of the nicest examples of our work and a very special by the number and specifics of integrations. When we started, our main objective was to improve the first version of the product and prepare it for the final release and we successfully achieved that goal. Next steps were:

  • entirely new UI / UX design of backend administrative panel
  • loads of improvements of the public website
  • amitious product development roadmap with loads of new features
  • integration with payment systems, TV remote, VOIP, bluetooth door locks, chromecast, Apple TV, and more…
  • hotel property management software development
  • CMS development
  • live chat

This is an ambitious project our dedivated development team is glad to be a part of.

Ruby on rails, iOS and Android development of e-concierge apps for hotels

Syndicode team is awesome. It provides a channel to hire exceptional developers that share our DNA, vision and are full part in the team and company future. Appreciate a lot how highly knowledgeable everyone is about tech & business. A great environment to work and grow!
David-Benjamin Brakha, founder & CEO

VYDA is a mobile app for live streaming. This is a perfect example of collaborative work we did with other teams from other companies. We’ve done a lot of work on mobile and backend development:

  • scalability and performance improvement
  • work with fault tolerance (project has over 200,000 users)
  • improving the quality of code and architecture
  • implementing new features

We extended the project’ team with our motivated and dedicated software developers.

Ruby on rails development of social network for video live streaming. Syndicode

We are very happy with Syndicode’s highly skilled Ruby on Rails developers. They helped to optimize the VYDA backend massively. I can recommend them for highload complex projects.
Markus Lichtenheldt, founder & CEO

More cases can be found here.

Our proficiency

  1. Development
  2. Design
  3. Management

You set requirements to dedicated software development team and talk to us to hire. Also we can consult you with optimal software project team size and its skills needed for your project. We can help you:
– to meet the deadline quietly with an extra dedicated developer or whole remote team;
– to find an expert for specific task or project;
– to delegate tasks;
– to reduce costs or quantity of personnel.

So don’t go anywhere else. You know where to find Rails developers for your next startup or enterprise!

Offshoring to Ukraine benefits

  • One of the best pools of talent
  • Solid professional education and experience
  • Proactive questioning requirements
  • High quality, affordable prices
  • Business hours largly overlap for Europe
  • Low costs and simple travel for EU

When you google ‘dedicated development team Ukraine’ you obviously have reasons for that! We’ll give you several reasons, why software development teams from Ukraine are that popular!

Over the past years, the Ukrainian IT industry has grown rapidly. But foreign entrepreneurs and investors sometimes find it difficult to understand who there is on this network and what they can offer. According to the latest information presented in ‘Tech Ecosystem Guide to Ukraine’ by UNIT.City, Ukraine is on the 1st place in Europe in terms of the volume of IT service exports! And here’s why:

  1. At the beginning of 2019, there are 184 700 software developers in Ukraine
  2. 18 Ukrainian IT service providers included in the 2018 Global Outsourcing-100 list
  3. 100+ Fortune 500 companies (including Samsung, HP, and Google) have chosen Ukrainian IT services
  4. There were 4000 tech companies in Ukraine in 2018
  5. 1000+ events for IT specialists, startups and investors are organized in Ukraine every year
  6. Ukraine is the 7th in the world in terms of quality and efficiency of the freelance workforce
  7. Ukraine is on the 11th place in the Top-50 world’s developers

Do you need any other reason to hire a dedicated development team in Ukraine?

Terms & Conditions

  • Best effort in recruitment, usually less than 1 month
  • Dismiss notification – 1 month in advance
  • Order and pay developers per month
  • Price is as simple as salary + taxation + profit margin + office overhead
  • You cover non-productive hours
  • Buy out price is as simple as monthly price * 8
  • Both business models of outsourcing and outstaffing work!

Discover the power of Discovery Session for planning your next project with the dedicated software developers team!

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